Leading Five Golf Gifts For Newbies

If you’ve got a family or a friend that is starting to take a liking on the game of golf, you may want to think about presenting him or her various golf gifts to show your appreciation and support for their preferred sport. There are hundreds of gifts for golfers that you can find online. So, make sure that you choose something that fits a beginner golfer; something that will help improve their skill in golfing.

Here are some of the best gifts for novices that you may wish to give to your golf player friend.

Top 5 Gifts For Novice Golfers

Golf Lessons

One of the best golf gifts for beginners is a golf lesson. An hour or so of a golf lesson will make a difference in their skill because they will be learning from a professional instructor. You should check for the recipient’s schedule first before you enroll him or her to a golf lesson so that you won’t interrupt any of their activities. Your recipient will surely appreciate your gift and the thought that came with it.

Swing Groover

A swing groover is a simulator that helps a golfer improve his skill in swinging. This electronic simulator shows the shot analysis, club head speed, distance and shot and tracking statistics. The results can be seen on a large LCD screen just beside the simulator so that the user can easily see the areas that need more practice.

This is one of the greatest golf gifts for beginners because it helps them improve their skill without having the need to constantly go to the golf course just to practice their shot.

This can be used indoors and outdoors, which is great for golfers that have not much space on their backyard.

Training Aids

Training aids are great golf gifts for beginners because they help in the development of the recipient’s skills. Practice nets, putting greens, practice balls and practice clubs are great training aids for beginner golfers because they are made specifically for training.

You may want to take a peek at the golf gear of your recipient to determine which stuff you need to buy for them. This way, you won’t purchase something that they already have. Also, you may want to ask a few golfers to know what areas your recipient needs improving on so that you can buy training aids that will greatly help in developing that aspect.

Potty Putter Practice Set

This funny training set is great for golf beginners who want to constantly practice. Your recipient will surely appreciate your gift and the humor of the gesture. They will surely get busy putting instead of reading whenever nature calls.

Golf Equipment And Accessories

Among the best golf gifts for novices are golf accessories. Because they’re likely just beginning to purchase golf stuffs, you will have the opportunity to pick a wide selection of gifts to present them. Take a look at their golf bag and see what you can add to their accessories or gear. See if their golf club set is already complete; drivers are often changed so you might want to consider them as a gift.

Can Golf School Help Or Hinder Your Golf Swing?

Is it really that hard of a decision to make when first starting to play the game of golf? Is it really that hard to understand for a beginner to not be out there on a regulation golf course? That probably the foursomes behind you are perturbed and angry? That your probably ruining their day with all of your hacking going on and slowing play down to a crippling crescendo.

Did you ever realize to yourself that you don’t belong out there? That you should take your golf swing to the driving range until you learn at least how to hit a little white golf ball. If you do want to play then your skills should be on a short executive course.

Slow play is the number one problem that most public not so much semi or private golf courses face in trying to keep the traffic coming back to play again. The public golf course that I play on, the average round is about 5 1/2 hours long. This practically kills the rest of your day from doing anything else.

So how do golf courses overcome this problem? My opinion is that a golfer shouldn’t be allowed to play on a regulation golf course if he can’t come close to breaking 100. You can tell those golfers. They have no business playing because they have no idea how to swing a golf club. They also don’t know the rules nor the etiquette of the game. Many of them flat out don’t care!

Another way to overcome slow play is for each golfer to take on their own responsibility to learn the game which includes etiquette and the rules set forth for fair play. It can be governed by local or U.S.G.A.

I believe the best way for golfers to improve the mechanics of their golf swing is by taking lessons. This can apply to someone just beginning or has been playing for a very long time. I frequently get lessons from my head pro when my swing goes out of kilter and needs to be readjusted.

Golf school is another great way to learn the mechanics of a golf swing. I’m a firm believer that you can’t improve your golf swing unless your able to analysis,understand and implement the mechanics of a good golf swing. It needs to be broken down into different parts. This goes for anything you do in life when you are building something of value.

In finding a right golf school their program should be top-notch. It should have a teaching facility that includes weatherproof hitting shelters, several putting and chipping greens, trouble shot improvement areas, indoor classrooms with state-of-the-art video equipment for swing analysis, and several practice ranges with endless piles of balls.

Most golf schools will have an 18 hole Championship golf course connected to it. What’s most important about a golf school there needs to be a lot of individual attention. There should be a pro for every small group of 5 – 10 students.

The emphasis is clearly on getting results. If a student’s swing needs to be dramatically changed or altered, if a student’s approach to the game needs to be completely rearranged, then that’s what should happen. They can quickly tear you apart and put it all back together. Putting your game in better shape than they found it.For many it can mean overwhelming and a traumatizing experience.

Video streaming is very important evidence of how good or bad one’s own individual golf swing is. It can provide inconceivable evidence that your not the second coming of Byron Nelson. They really will grill you through the paces. Each student will hit hundreds, several hundreds, of golf balls a day. The instructor makes the students work at the lessons over and over again. When the program’s complete, one’s golf swing isn’t the same no more. It’s better. It almost has to be.

After they change your mechanics in your golf swing you’ll notice that your hitting the golf ball straighter, farther and more solidly. It will feel strange and unfamiliar at first but, the changes become results producing.

Most good golf schools are at least a three day program. Usually, the first two days are filled with separate sessions on different aspects of the game. Such as driving, hitting irons, chipping and putting, dealing with trouble shots. On the final day, the class normally goes out with the pro on to the golf course, and plays at least nine holes.

You have him there as your own personal coach, mentor and cheerleader, before retiring back to school for one final round of practice. Most golf schools will allow you to play as much as you want after instructions is completed for the day.

Rule 6-7. Undue delay or Slow play. The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be governed by club rules. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player shall not unduly delay play.

The resulting penalties are: Match play- Loss of Hole. Stroke play- two strokes. Subsequent offense is Disqualification.

Golf Schools Combine Education With a Foundation For a Career in the Sport

Ever since you can remember, you’ve loved golf. From that first set of toy clubs, to the time you first scored a bogey, golf has been one of the great loves of your life. Now it’s time to take the next step and see if you have what it takes to be a golf professional. If this is the situation you’re in, you may want to consider enrolling in one of the country’s many golf schools.

Although it can sound too good to be true, enrolling in a school, academy or university specifically tailored to take you from keen amateur to professional is actually a proven way to take that all-important golfing step.

But what about your education? Sure, it would be great to play golf all day, but even the most obsessed person with the sport realizes that without a decent education, the chances for success are limited. And who wants to limit themselves? Also, ask yourself this: when you’re watching the Open, the Masters or pretty much any televised golf tournament, how many golfers are unable to string a coherent sentence together and how many seem to have left education not long after a parent stopped dropping them off at the school gate?

Almost none. That’s because being a professional golfer requires a combination, not just of golf skills, but also of strong educational qualifications and a desire to succeed.

Golf schools are without a doubt one of the best ways to achieve this, especially when you choose well. After all, the golfing industry is worth countless dollars and supports many people who have followed their dream to make golf not just a passion, but also a source of income.

For those serious about a career in this industry, deciding to combine the sport with an academic foundation can be the best way into the sport. All that you have to decide now is which university to choose. Obviously, personal situations need to be taken into account, but beyond this there are a few key things that you will need to consider during your selection process.

On a practical level, you will need to think about location. For a sport that is played outdoors, this becomes an important point. If you live in a state where snow and rain seem more common than sun, then you may have to bite the bullet and look to relocate for the length of your education. This is, of course, no different from many of your peers who will be criss-crossing the country to enroll at their college of choice.

Once you’ve settled on a location, spend some time surfing the net and searching for golf schools in the area. If you find more than one, look on forums for feedback and even ask a career counselor if he or she can let you know which ones have the best reputations.

Once you have a short list, look for how they combine golf and education. There needs to be a decent mix of the two, or your future prospects may suffer.

Then look at the facilities on offer. If you’re serious about a career in golf, then you are going to want a college or university to be able to offer state of the art facilities. There should also be indoor training using computer technology that can help with the technical side of the game.

Once you have found somewhere that ticks all these boxes, contact them and ask for a prospectus. Who knows, that initial inquiry at one of the country’s golf schools might be the first step on the green that leads to a victorious 18th hole in life.