Great Indoor Exercise Activities You Can Do Using Your Gaming Console

Indoor exercise activities used to involve only dumbbells, machines, tread mills, fitness balls, and other fitness utilities found in a gym. However, several gaming companies have popularized interactive gaming through the use of wireless remote. The console features a wireless remote which controls the characters actions; for example, in a boxing game, when the player does a right straight punch the character would do a right straight punch and if the player ducks the character also does the same.

The console includes sports games such as golf, lawn tennis, boxing, bowling, baseball and many others. The lawn tennis could be played by swinging the hand that is holding the controller to hit the ball. It can be done as a group activity since it allows 2 to 4 players. The tennis game can be a good party, get together activity, or simply a family fun game. Also, it can be a good exercise since you will be the one actually swinging instead of pressing a button on the controller.

The boxing would require the use of an extension remote since it would require the use of both hands. In this game you can duck, block, and do punches in order to knock the opponent down. Remember that this is an interactive game and every move you make will be mimicked by the character. Although it has some limitations like the character not doing what it is supposed to be doing but you can do air boxing, which will strengthen your arms and shoulders. Also the repetitive ducking would be similar to the side bending exercise.

The golf and bowling are made for 1 or more players in which you take turns either putting the golf ball or hitting the pins in bowling. These two games promote proper figure in golf and bowling, although be warned that the game is still not that perfect so you may experience certain instances where the character is not doing what you are doing but practice and you will get the hang of it.

Another great game for the console uses a balance board. The balance board would serve as the controller. The game is designed to function as your personal trainer; it would measure your weight and then show you the difference as you progress. The game would require you to do push ups, yoga, step up and step down, and stretching exercise. The balance board would serve as your mat, in which it will take weight measurements and weight distribution so it would know if you are doing it right or wrong. For example, in yoga, you step on the board and follow the virtual trainer. The board would then serve as a medium so that the virtual trainer would know if you are doing it properly.

The console was designed to promote exercise to people that are addicted to gaming. So instead of them just sitting around with a controller on their hand pressing certain buttons, they would have to stand up and do the actual slashing, punching, and swinging which would promote exercise and getting fit.