Golf Fitness – How Effective Are Golf Specific Stretching Routines?

With the weather turning colder as winter sets in many of us will have limited golfing opportunities. In the coldest climates courses close and as for the rest of the country, well you have to be especially dedicated to play in the cold conditions. Just because we can’t get to the course or the range doesn’t mean we have to forget about golf or our efforts to improve our game. We should take this time to work on improving our swing, putting stroke and our bodies.

The most overlooked item from the list above is our bodies. The more physically fit we are the better it is for our golf game. Strength, stamina, flexibility and mental toughness are all important benefits gained from becoming more physically fit. Now no one said this was the most fun aspect of golf or that we needed to go to Tiger like extremes. Applying yourself to a routine of golf oriented stretches will yield a noticeable benefit by the time warmer weather returns to your area.

The key with any stretching program is consistency. Choose a routine that you can and will utilize daily. Even a little time invested daily will be of great value to your goal. We all want a consistent golf swing. It is something we yearn for every time we hit an errant shot, but here is the cold hard fact, the truth that many don’t want to hear. The reason we are inconsistent on the course is because our bodies are unable to execute our golf swing 80 to 100+ times a round. Late in the round we are just not up to the task, but that does not have to be the case.

Just the least amount of golf oriented stretching will make a noticeable difference to your shot making. You will see more successful shots per round, improved scoring and lower handicap just a few weeks into your stretching program. Let me emphasize this again. If you will be consistent with a golf oriented stretching program your swing will become more consistent. And that folks is just what we are all seeking as we work to improve our golf swings.

I saw all this happen first hand when my golfing partner and friend began his program late last fall. He had noticed the signs of late round fatigue and decided to do something about it. He said it was about time he did something for his health anyway and if it would help his golf swing, well, all the better.

My golfing buddy found help with an eBook from a well known golf fitness expert he found online. He began working on a few stretches and stayed with it all winter long. As time went by he started playing better and feeling stronger in the later stages of the round. He attributes his 10 minute morning stretches to his improved performance on the course. He says he can feel improved strength in his legs and abdominal muscles. All key elements to producing a sound golf swing.

Why not try a stretching program of your own? Wouldn’t you benefit from a stronger more flexible body? Would more stamina at the end of a round help you score better? Burning a few extra calories each day would be a good thing for most of us too. Add in some off-season swing instruction and indoor putting practice and your winter time golf improvement program will be all set.