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Learn How to Train Like Tiger Woods in the Off Season and Master Your Golf Game

Where I live we usually are able to only play golf from April through the first couple of weeks of November. Needless to say we have a long off season and training to keep your golf swing sharp will pay great dividends if you travel to play golf or when you are able to get back on the course. I have studied many different training programs that relate to golf fitness, golf strength and flexibility.

Golf fitness may be a little different than regular physical fitness but many of the same fundamentals apply. having a good cardio fitness base as well as a strong upper body all will play a role in maximizing distance and playing the very best golf of your life.

Here are a few recommendations you can use to take your game to the next level.

1. Have a routine – All professional athletes have a regular routine, fitness nutrition, golf specific training. To have a sound golf game one must have a sound training routine. Now you don’t have to be a Professional to have a quality routine…read on for more.

2. Be Flexible – Have a regular stretching routine that will keep you body limber. Being flexible is one of the key components to a strong golf swing.

3. Something is better than Nothing – Yes, a little is better than nothing, just like Mom used to say!
Even if its cold & Snowy outside you can do golf specific training indoors. That would include swing sequence work with actual golf clubs.

4. Get back to Basics – The fundamentals of the golf swing have not changed since the beginning of the game. Yes, while there many aspects of the game that need to be practiced if you focus on the fundamentals you will develop good habits and hone your game, even in the off season.

How a Golf Practice Net Can Improve Your Game

Who doesn’t want to take their golf game to the “next level”? You will hear things about being a natural at golf, which is nice if you can claim to be one of those lucky people that seem to be naturals. But, for the rest of us, getting good at gold involves practice, practice, practice, just like everything else.

That’s where training aids come in. One of the essential training aids I like to use is a golf practice net. Of course, having a practice cage will allow you to practice your swing wherever you like. Being able to use a net indoors and out is definitely useful. Not only can you use it indoors in the winter or other times when the weather isn’t so great, you can practice without worrying about anyone watching. When you take the competitive edge off then you can just focus solely on whatever it is you want to perfect.

These are some of the ways using a net can help you with your golf game. You can practice your swing and not fear hitting your ball with as much strength as you like since you don’t have to worry about the ball getting away. So, you can decide how much power is needed to reach your mark and also determine the right direction.

Say you want to buy a net, but want to know if all golf nets are created equal? Check out these guidelines before you purchase one.

Watch out for these things when you buy a practicing net.

1) Size of net – this isn’t the place to skimp on price and get something that might be too small. You want it to be big enough to catch your shots. I mean, who wants an angry neighbor banging on your door when your ball goes sailing into his flower garden?

2) Bounce back ability – Your net should be loose, but not too loose. In other words, pliable and elastic to give a bit and not have your ball ricocheting off all around the house. It’s a good idea to find out what the net’s reputation is for catching balls.

3) Strength of netting – Strength is really important when picking a net to practice on. Imagine driving a ball hundreds or thousands of times, you want your net to withstand the test of time.

4) Ease of assembly – Consider how hard or easy the cage is to take apart and put up again, as well as how portable it is. This matters more if you want to use it in different places.

5) Good Price – There is a wide price range on training aids, golf nets included. You may tend to think that cheaper is fine, but keep in mind that this is one instance where you get what you pay for. A poorly constructed net that will rip or not hold your ball will ultimately be a waste of your money. So, do your research and decide what qualities are the most important to you before you shell out your hard earned dollars.

If you keep these 5 guidelines in your mind when buying a net to practice with, you will be much more likely to get a net that you will be able to use and keep for a long time. It definitely makes it easier to practice and improve your game if you make use of training aids like a good golf practice net.

Do You Want the Perfect Golf Swing Year Round?

I don’t know about you, but keeping my swing fine tuned year round, is quite a challenge. By using golf swing trainers year round it has been a big help to me. I even use them at home and the office. The trainers I use are weighted in the shaft and not in the club head. Most golf clubs weigh between 12 and 16 ounces. These special golf clubs are 1.5 and 2 pounds or 24 to 32 ounces. If you use too much weight and most of it is in the club head, excess centrifugal force may cause muscle strain. By using the lighter weighted clubs you can do 2 to 3 minute workouts 3 to 5 times a week and keep muscle memory and tone year round for that perfect swing. They are also excellent for a stretching drill prior to playing.

Outdoor golf swing trainers have heads on them so you can hit practice balls. The indoor golf training aids are shorter so when using them at the home or office it won’t interfere with light fixtures or ceilings. A lot of senior and lady golfers us these swing aids because it helps them keep muscle tone. Most golfers report after using swing trainers they add 10 to 20 yards to their drives. There also seems to be added control for better shot making.

By using the swing trainers year around you will maintain your muscle memory and tone which will help keep that perfect swing.