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Five Top Golf Schools in Arizona

So you want to learn to play golf or improve your game? You’re probably looking for a great place with a great course and seasoned pros who will have you on the course in no time or will improve you game to the point that you can play with the “best of them” (or at least not embarrass yourself by missing the ball on the tee-off or hitting every sand trap on the way to the 18th hole).

If you really want to learn to play golf, Arizona is one of the best places to be. Arizona has weather that allows you to play almost every day all year round and has some of the best courses and instruction programs in the country. Five of the top golf schools are:

o TOUR Academy Arizona Golf School at TPC Scottsdale – Official PGA TOUR Golf School – The TOUR Academy TPC Scottsdale offers an exceptional instruction facility located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert adjacent to 36 holes of world-class golf. Our state-of-the-art game improvement facility features a private practice area, a putting and chipping green, practice bunkers and the finest diagnostic technologies. The facility also includes a comprehensive club fitting program. The TOUR Academy TPC Scottsdale has been designed with a variety of enhancements to create the perfect environment for improving your game while incorporating the natural beauty of the surrounding desert and allowing you to take advantage of the unique local flavor of Scottsdale’s extraordinary dining, shopping and world-class accommodations. Each of our TOUR Academy instructors is a carefully selected career teaching professional who share a refreshing, effective and proven approach to the art of successful golf instruction. Read more at golf-in-arizona

o Bird Golf Schools – In keeping with the Bird Golf Schools concept and philosophy of giving our student the best of everything, our sites, both in accommodation and golf facilities; are the finest available at each location. Your one on one Golf School with a PGA or LPGA professional from our incredible staff, at any one of our four Arizona locations, will be memorable. Their flagship golf school is at the magnificent Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa. In every conceivable way, Wild Horse Pass is the perfect location for your Arizona golf school. With 36 holes of Championship golf, luxury accommodations, state of the art Spa facilities, fabulous dining options, Equestrian center and vistas that will amaze you, this is the ultimate golf school location. Other Arizona locations are Goodyear, Prescott, and Sedona

o Executive Golf Schools – Located in Scottsdale, and Tucson. Teaches exclusively with a one to one and two to one student to instructor ratio. They state: “We don’t believe in a specific methodology at our schools. People have too many variables relating to size, shape, flexibility and desire for one method to work effectively. We do stress building a fundamentally sound foundation for your game which allows you to progress faster and to enjoy the game more. Our goal is to help you play better and to understand why.”

o John Dahl Golf – John Dahl is a 2009 and eight-time Golf Magazine top 100 golf teacher. Private one-on-one instruction, group and playing lessons are available in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Whether experienced, beginner or somewhere in the middle, you will benefit from an investment in John Dahl. An investment in someone who has groomed numerous young golfers into collegiate athletes, and has helped thousands improve their game.

o Phoenix Golf Academy of America – Phoenix opened in early 1996, expanded to a new campus in early 2006. The Chandler, Arizona campus is truly a complete facility inclusive of classroom, computer lab, club repair lab, library, lounge, and student services. The campus has a state-of-the-art indoor golf center for instruction and video analysis. Students are able to play and practice at area facilities.

Arizona has a reputation as a golf Mecca, and it certainly doesn’t lack in the number, variety or quality of golf courses. The same is true for golf instruction in Arizona – so visit golf-in-arizona and learn more about the tremendous golfing opportunities Arizona has to offer.

Golf Putting Training Aids – Are Indoor Putting Mats a Wise Investment?

One of the most popular golf putting training aids are the indoor putting mats that you can get at most sporting good stores. These mats vary in length and width, and some will even come with some different slope and other curves in place. Popular for many years, the indoor mats have evolved to include different textures for different speed putts, but they have their limitations.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to using the indoor putting mat as a training aid is the inability to practice a wide variety of putts. Limited in distance, slope and angels, these mats are really best used as practice for shorter, straight forward putts.

Also of important note is realizing that no matter how many times you practice putting on an indoor mat, you are not receiving any information regarding how you are setting up to the ball, how your grip may be impacting your stroke, or how your feet and shoulders are affecting the ball path.

It is for those reasons that using indoor putting mats may not be a viable option if you are serious about taking strokes off your game. Making critical adjustments to your grip and your putting stroke are not things easily learned on your own.

Instead of spending the time, money and energy on an indoor practice mat for your home, consider the other options available to you to improve your short game. There are a variety of informational courses available that would be of more benefit to you and you golf game overall.

Why Should I Play Putt Putt Games Instead Of A Regular Golf Game?

Quite surprisingly, a lot of people find putt putt games more enjoyable than regular golf. Why so? First off, though today’s miniature golf courses no longer include windmills and such, they do offer more variety, challenge, and color than your run-of-the-mill golf course. Having your ball pass through an uphill bridge to get to the cup is no easy feat, mind you. Also, most mini-golf courses have man-made waterfalls, streams, ponds- and lots and lots of greenery. So, not only do the players get challenged, but their eyes are also treated to a (usually) small yet entertaining view, as well.

Putt putt games are also ideal for people who don’t like driving as much as putting a ball to the cup. It’s actually harder to make an accurate swing than to make a precise putt to a nearby hole. It’s also easier to complete eighteen holes when you just have to walk a short distance to the next hole, rather than hiking-or even riding a golf cart- to your next target. There are also lots of indoor mini golf courses out there, so you wouldn’t have to bathe in sweat getting from one place to another. You remain active, yet at the same time you don’t stress yourself out too much because of the sun and the distance between holes.

People who enjoy golf, yet have some infirmities would also find putt putt games appealing and entertaining, since, as I mentioned earlier, the terrain is smaller and more tight-knit, making it more forgiving for people with injuries or with special needs. If you happen to have a bad leg, a short walk to your next hole would be more welcome than a long march to the 18th hole, right? I’m sure your leg -and your family- would thank you for opting to just play putt putt games with them, instead of a whole Saturday with the guys at the local golf course.

Putt putt games are also more reasonable when it comes to pricing. A single round of mini-golf would only cost you between $7- $10, whereas 18 holes on a public golf course could cost you anywhere between $40- $180. That’s a huge difference, if you ask me. With the same amount of money that you would spend on a regular golf game, you could already take your whole family to play putt putt games at the nearby miniature golf course. Not only would it provide you and your brood some entertainment for hours, but it would also be a perfect opportunity for your family to bond with each other over a good game, minus the huge cost.

Unlike regular golf, which is mostly played during the day, putt putt games are actually more enjoyable played at night. Most miniature golf courses are also open until nine or ten in the evening, so even people coming in after office hours could still manage to make a tee or two to relax. Lighting is also not a problem since a lot of miniature golf places are indoor courses. So, if you like playing golf, yet don’t want to shell out too much, but you still want to have a fun time teeing off with your friends or family, I suggest that you try playing putt putt games for a change. You just might prefer it over the real thing.