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10 Ideas For Indoor Activities For Kids

Here are my 10 indoor activities for kids:

1. Story Time
Grab some childrens books from your local library. Read the book to your child. Make this a daily habit. Visit the library every week and read a book every day. Reading books to your child is the best gift you can give your child.

2. Dress Up Box
Sort through all the old clothes. There are bound to be clothes that outrageous – clothes that don’t belong in your wardrobe any more. Put these clothes in your dress up box. Your child can hours of fun by playing dress ups.

3. Kitchen Cooking
Look for some good simple recipes for cakes, snacks etc. Let your child help you make those or let your child be the main chef and you help him around. Kids love this activity – and they will also usually love to eat what they made.

4. Board Games
Buy some good age appropriate board games. These are always helpful on a rainy day.

5. Gardening
Get them to help you in your garden. Buy some kids garden gloves and watering can – get them plant some seeds – they will love watching it grow. Their sense of pride will increase because they created something from scratch.

6. Treasure Hunt Fun
This can be done either inside your house or in your garden. Hide some small items either toys or sweets in various places. Draw up maps with “X Marks the Spot” – Keep the directions simple and easy.

7. 20 Questions
Everyone writes down a secret word – the word must be a name of an object. The others ask 20 questions and try and guess the word. This is actually heaps and heaps of fun – both for kids and adults.

8. Alphabet Soup
Take turns to come up with words beginning with various letters of the alphabet. If you start with A, then the next person has to come up with a word starting with B and so on and so forth…

9. Word Play
This one is really good for preschool kids – kids getting ready to read or spell. Start with one word and then the next person has to come up with a word starting with the sound that the first word ended in.

10. Indoor Golf
Get kids to run through the house and create their own golf course. Use toys, bathroom stuff, kitchen utensils or anything else at hand to create the “holes” and routes.

Small plastic golf sets are easy to come by in most toy shops, and they’re usually extremely cheap. Give you child a treat once they reach the end of the course.

Golf Gifts and Decor Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

November 23, the day after Thanksgiving, also know as “black Friday”, starts the holiday shopping countdown for 2007. Only 32 shopping days left until Christmas. What is going to make the perfect gift this year?

Golf becomes more popular every year, more and more people play all the time, watch it on television, and talk about it, making golf gifts and décor a great theme for holiday gift shopping. With a large selection of golf gifts available for the holidays it will be easy to find that perfect present. Here are some great gift giving ideas.

Golf Pictures – Pictures of famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach, Augusta National, TPC Sawgrass, or St. Andrews will let you enjoy rich landscapes of the most gorgeous golf courses in the world from any room in your home or office. Anyone with an eye for art will enjoy such stunning pictures. For the collector of golf memorabilia choose authentic autographed PGA and LPGA Player pictures of some of the greatest players of golf such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Annika Sorenstam.

Golf Décor – Know anyone who has made that infamous hole in one shot? If so, a personalized hole in one plaque is the perfect way to capture that special moment permanently. Top 100 Courses plaques is the ultimate golfer challenge. Set a goal to play at all 100 courses in the US or World. For the golf ball collector choose a beautiful wooden golf ball display case, add a special touch with a personalized name. Golf memorabilia buffs will love a set of Bobby Jones “Grand Slam” clubs or bronze sculpture.

Golf Equipment and Accessories – Every golfer is always in need (want) of the latest and greatest out on the market. No golfer will turn down a set of new clubs! If your looking to get something a little less pricy, you can choose from golf headcovers, umbrellas, divot repair tools, golf bags, equipment organizers, coolers, push carts, or travel cases. Don’t forget every golfer at some point in time will need a golf ball retriever, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Golf Training Aids – Training aids are great gifts for many reasons; they allow you to practice your game year round even if you can’t make it to the golf course. True golfers would play 24/7 if they could. Indoor/outdoor golf nets, mats, practice balls, and putting greens improve your game from the home, office, or backyard. Training books, videos, tapes, and CD’s are perfect aids for new or seasoned golfers.

Golf Gifts – Everyone enjoys a good laugh, golfer or not. Funny gag and novelty golf gifts will bring a smile to anyone’s face at an affordable price and make great presents for the office gift exchange party. Golf games such as Monopoly, Dominoes, Par Darts, or Caddy Shack Trivia not only make a great holiday gift, but will also be a hit at your next party. Watches for him and her are perfect for the couple that plays golf.

Now that you have all these great ideas what is the easiest, most affordable way get them? Specialty golf stores tend to offer a huge selection of golf equipment and accessories, but not as many gifts and decor. If you want to find the largest selection of golf gifts, décor, an equipment; shopping online will make it easy, cut down on time you have to spend driving around, and will deliver to your doorstep. The variety of golf gifts and products available online to a golfer far exceeds the specialty golf store. Try shopping at an online discount golf store for the best savings.

Golf Swing Simulator – Can it Improve Your Golf Swing?

Can a golf swing simulator improve your golf swing? You may have seen these devices in your golf club, or your local golf shop. It is a sensor and camera equipped booth, with a screen which simulates a golf course. You hit the golf ball in the golf swing simulator, and it captures details of your golf swing technique. The device then simulates the path your golf ball travels, right down to any slices or hooks. More sophisticated simulators will even replicate many famous golf courses, even allowing you to play 18 holes on the Old Course at St Andrews.

The manufacturers of these golf swing simulators claim that their devices can help to analyze your swing, detecting mistakes in your golf swing technique and helping to improve your golf swing. In theory, that is…

In practice, the technology has a long way to go. For example, most golf simulators cannot properly capture the spin your swing imparts to the golf ball. The spin has a great impact on the games of good players – Tiger Woods uses Nike’s One Platinum golf balls which give less distance but more spin control. The simulators also cannot fully simulate wind and weather conditions, and the effect of terrain on the behavior of the golf ball.

Many simulators tend to over-estimate the distance of your drive. While this may be good for golf club salesmen to persuade you to buy their golf clubs, it does not help your game. Sadly, there is still no substitute for actually hitting the ball on the golf course. For the moment, they are just very expensive toys, setting you back $10,000 to $30,000.

With this kind of cash, you are better off hiring a human golf swing trainer, or taking additional lessons from a golf school. An accredited golf pro can quickly pinpoint mistakes in your golf swing technique, suggesting exercises to help you fix your worst problems.

One argument for using an indoor golf swing simulator is for practice during bad weather. On the surface, this is a compelling argument. However, golfers who have actually used these devices find that it damages their game. When they play in the simulator too much, they adapt to the imperfect model of the golf course in the simulation. They tend to hit the balls harder than they should, losing control of the balls on the real golf course. They find that the swing which works in the simulator causes them to slice or hook on the real fairways. Their golf swing technique suffers.

Instead of wasting time in the golf simulator, you should spend the time practicing your swing. Get a golf mat and net and swing your clubs at the ball. A good quality mat and net costs $200 on Amazon. Three dozen of the longest distance golf balls only cost $37 secondhand. If you do not have enough room to practice your driver indoors, practice your putting and short game instead. Even 5 or 10 minutes spent on stretching exercises or doing some weight training with a simple barbell will do more to improve your golf swing. Any of these methods is cheap, yet more effective than a simulator.

Whether or not you use a golf swing simulator, you need more practise on the real golf course to improve your golf.