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Improve Your Golf – Tips on Correct Swing and Correct Grip Techniques

If you want to improve your golf, some advice on correct swing and correct grip techniques will certainly help since your golf swing is the most important part of your golf game to perfect. There are many aspects to improving your golf game on which you might want to focus, but your swing is the most important of them.

If we target correct grip techniques first, it is important that you understand the effect of your grip on the direction of the ball. We are assuming here that you are not a beginner, and that you have a basic understanding of the effect of spin on the direction a golf ball will take after the strike, and that you are also aware of the basic components of a good swing.

Adjustments to your grip can be used to correct problems such as the dreaded slice or hook, but by using the correct grip you can also control these faults to use a fade or a draw to drive round obstacles such as trees, or bring your ball into the green on a much better trajectory. In fact that is one of the major ways in which you can improve your golf game.

As an example, by strengthening your grip – that is moving your hands more clockwise round the shaft than your normal grip – you can impart clockwise spin on the ball that will bend it from left to right. Do that inadvertently and you will slice the ball, but if you use that golf grip in a controlled way, and move your stance so that your feet are aiming left of target, then you can spin and bend the ball from left to right into the flag rather than straight at it. You could use that grip to avoid a greenside bunker, or to allow the ball to run to a flag placed in an otherwise awkward position to reach.

Switch your grip the other way – counter-clockwise – and place your feet to right of target, then you can draw the ball into the green from right to left. Another grip technique you can use to improve your golf involves using a lower grip down the shaft on chip shots where you want to use less of a backswing, but it’s important with all of these that you also get your feet placed right and use the correct swing technique to go with the shot.

You can also improve your golf by using various training aids to correct swing problems, examples being the swing plane trainer and the weighted club. The swing plane trainer helps you to correct problems with your swing plane: the circle that your club head makes between the upswing and follow through. These should occur in one plane for maximum control, and there are various types of golf training devices to help you achieve that, ranging from the large circular devices you see at driving ranges to lasers attached to your club head.

A very important aspect of your swing is flexibility, and golf flexibility exercises can help considerably in enabling you to improve your golf swing. A correct swing technique is a twisting and rotational movement that is not natural to the human body, and the more flexible your joints and muscles then the more capable you will be of executing this movement correctly and effectively.

You also need strength to hit the ball and follow through at speed, let alone the stamina required for you to play at maximum ability throughout 18 holes. Strength and flexibility exercises to improve your golf fitness cannot be done in a gym, and traditional weight-lifting training is not involved. A weighted club can be used to swing in order to build up those muscles used during the rotational movement needed in a correct swing, and a medicine ball or other weight can be used at arms length to help you twist your body from side to side while sitting in a chair.

There is more to training your golf swing than just playing golf, and many of the exercises that can be used improve your suppleness, flexibility and golf strength can be carried out at home or in the office. Here’s an example:

1. Sit upright in a chair with a medicine ball, heavy book or any other weight in your hands.
2. Hold your arms straight out in front of you, and twist as far as you can to the right – hold for five seconds.
3. Twist round to the left as far as you can and hold for five seconds.
4. Carry out ten repetitions.

You can do that in three minutes in your office two or three times a day, and within a week you will see a difference in your game. You will be able to drive faster and add yards onto your length. Add to that some more indoor training, such as going through your swing at normal speed using a weight, such as a barbell or even a heavy iron rod in your hands, and you will build up your rotational muscles.

There are many ways for you to improve your golf and if you work on correct swing and correct grip techniques, and also on your fitness for golf, it won’t be long before your length rockets, your scores start to tumble down and your handicap drop with them.

Top 5 Golf Courses in West Cornwall, England

Throughout Cornwall there are 40 prominent and well established golf courses, where holidaymakers and amateur golfers can ‘connect with the greens’ and enjoy a challenging round of golf with friends or opponents at anytime. Here is a selection of the top 5 golf courses to be found in West Cornwall, England that will not only suit the visitor booking a cottage in Cornwall but also the thousands of Club Members who are regularly playing and enjoying their sport.

1. Praa Sands Golf & Country Club, Penzance, Cornwall
With stunning sea-views across beautiful Mounts Bay, Praa Sands Golf Club is always pleased to welcome day visitors, society players, holidaymakers, new and regular club members to its pretty beachside course. Golfers will admire views of the sea and coast from each green on the course which also provides a deceptively challenging Par 62 for men and a Par 64 for ladies. Bar snacks and meals are available, also clubs can be hired. The course is open every day of the year and no handicap certificate is required for this course.

2. Tehidy Park Golf Club, Near Camborne, Cornwall
Tehidy Park has been an established Golf Club since 1922. It is delightful parkland course with a variety of tree-lined fairways. The course includes 3 sizeable lakes, which test the player around 3 holes, but in particular the 17th hole which is 193-yard par 3. The course can be a real test of player-skills, not only for top players, but is equally demanding for a high level of skill from top handicap golfers. As such, a handicap certificate is required.

3. Tregenna Hotel Castle Golf Course, St. Ives, Cornwall
The Tregenna Castle Golf Course is set around glorious parkland which overlooks the spectacular St Ives Bay. Its 18 holes present a challenge to even the low handicapped golfer with its narrow fairways and small greens. Tregenna Castle Golf Club provides guests with an elegant hotel to stay in with a number of self-catering options. Ther’s a stylish restaurant with normal bar facilities which are open to residents and day-visitors alike. Residents can use the indoor and outdoor pools, gymnasium, sauna, steam room, and badminton and squash courts. No Handicap certificate is required, so all visitors are welcome.

4. Falmouth Golf Club, Falmouth, Cornwall
Falmouth Golf Club players enjoy a mature, well-maintained and delightful course, but it still offers a reliably testing challenge for many golfers. Amazing sea-views from all the fairways, accompany the immaculate greens en-route to the and a charming clubhouse. The restaurant serves fresh-cooked meals, quality snacks and a range of drinks from the bar, all at affordable prices. All holidaymakers and day-visitors are welcome. Dress code applies and knowledge of golf etiquette is essential.

Special Rates available for golf-societies.. Lessons available with our current PGA Professional.

5. Cape Cornwall Golf & Country Club, Penzance, Cornwall
Cape Cornwall Golf & Country Club is home to the only Cape in England, and the rugged North Cornwall coastline. Known and often referred to, as the ‘first and last’ 18-hole golf course in Britain, Cape Cornwall enjoys stunning sea and coastal sights around the headland Cape. Golfing societies are made welcome with the eighth person allowed to play FREE. No Handicap Certificate is required on this course.

Next time you book your cottages or guesthouse bed and breakfasts in Cornwall, consider playing golf at one of the top 5 golf courses in West Cornwall. All of the courses have their own websites where you can check out more information.

Factors in Choosing a Golf Simulator – Software

Maybe the most important factor in choosing the right golf simulator for you is the software.


o Game Play:
There are several different options to consider here. How many courses are available? How many courses come with the base unit? How many of the courses are renditions of real courses? Are the courses computer based images (3D) or is it a picture based images (2D)? What I would suggest looking for here is: The number of courses which suits your needs, there is no reason to pay for 50 courses if you are only going to play 10. It takes a long time to get board playing a course on a good golf simulator. The major problem with a picture based system, is you can only play your shot from where there has been a picture taken. So if you hit the ball into the rough or out of bounds and there has not been a photo taken of that area, you will be atomically taken back to your previous shot with a one stroke penalty. Now for a PGA player this might not be a big deal but for the rest of us, who do hit the ball into the rough, it makes for a very slow and very frustrating round of golf.

o The Latest and Greatest Software:
There are a few companies who have released new software this year (2009). The new software adds cool new features to the game play. New features include variable weather options, time of day options. Now you can play your round of golf in the afternoon with a stiff breeze which is constantly changing as you play your round, watch the sky darken as your round nears nightfall. As you play your favorite round on the cost, see the waves move in and out on the surf, hear the waves crash along the coastline. With the new software you will also notice the true to life fairway and greens. When you hit a drive the ball should roll with the slope of the course. Beware, there are some simulators on the market, when you hit a ball it will only go straight and will not follow the slope of the course. If you are looking for the most realistic round of simulated golf this is a must feature and one to not over look.

o Number of Golfers:
One feature which is important for all applications is the number of golfer who can play at one time. All simulators will allow one golfer to shoot their shot one at a time. But there are some simulators out there which limits to the total players to just two or four golfers per round. I have found in commercial applications it is best to have up to eight players per round. This makes tournaments and leagues much easier to manage and drive revenues for your business.

o Swing Analysis
Swing analysis software is the most important tool for people who want to use their simulator as a training instrument. A good swing analyzer will enable you to do club fitting as well as dissect a customer’s swing to determine problem areas. But again some simulators have this software built in and others offer it as an add-on which is not compatible the simulator software and can cost upwards of $15,000. What really makes a swing analyzer a useful tool is the information and feedback it provides. Features to look for are club speed, launch angle, ball speed, club and ball path and spin. Many of the variables which will determine what type of swing analyzer will come with your simulator will depend on the simulator’s sensor technology. This and more will be discussed in the article dedicated to the topic of “Sensor Technology”.

The software you choose will have a major outcome on the overall performance and playability of your simulator. There are also two more articles on the topic of “Three Main Factors in Choosing a Golf Simulator” Please feel free to contact me through the website, if you have any questions on golf simulator software.