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Indoor Putting Green Meant For Neophytes

Professional golf players began playing golf at a young age. If your child shows some signs of interest in golf, then it’s advisable for parents to purchase an indoor putting green for your home. It will further motivate them to take up the sport seriously and train for it. Kids can easily lose their interest in various activities, but if you continue to motivate and support them by purchasing products that would enhance their interests in golf, then their interest will not wane that easily.

Listed here are the reasons why you need to consider getting a putting green for neophytes:

Strengthen Interest In Golf

If you’ve got an indoor putting green at home, it is a sign that you’re supporting your child to take up the sport seriously. It’s not enough to verbally support them, but get something that would encourage them even more to get interested in golf. At home, you can teach your children on a regular basis the right techniques in golf.


It’s not possible for a child to go to a golf course every day because of school responsibilities, it’s very useful to have a putting green at home so he/she can practice swings every day. Kids should be encouraged to train each day in order to learn the proper way of holding a golf club and the proper timing when hitting a golf ball.

There are various golf drills that you can ask your kids to do daily to familiarize them with the strokes. It is also a good idea to teach them the value of discipline when it comes to training. An indoor putting green is a great tool to instill discipline in them by encouraging them to practice or train on a daily basis.

Bonding Time

Playing golf is a good way to bond with the family, and you can do that in the comfort of your own home. You free yourself from the hassles of traveling and from paying too much on golf course fees. You teach your kids the proper techniques in golf and at the same time you get to spend some quality time with them through the use of an indoor putting green. It is enjoyable and at the same time educational for them.

It’s very ideal for young kids to begin playing golf at a young age. It’s at that age when they learn quickly. Kids can be taught the proper way of controlling the ball and techniques in swinging, among others.

Their wrong movements can be easily corrected because their muscles are still developing at a young age. When they get accustomed with the proper movements in golf, their muscles will get used to it and will develop muscle memory. Muscle memory could be developed only through regular practice and if you have an indoor putting green in your own home, you can help your children develop and learn the correct form in golf. It is a good learning tool for children or neophytes who are beginning to cultivate their passion in golf.

Golf – Play a Round It’s Good For Your Health

It is official golf is good for your health. Of course there has to be a catch and in this case it is highly recommended that you should walk and not ride any golf carts while out playing.

But seriously the sport of golf can be highly beneficial to your well being. Walking is the easiest form of exercise; it stimulates the heart and circulates the blood. All medical practitioners agree that fresh air, exercise and a relaxed body and mind can do wonders for lowering blood pressure plus the bonus of decreasing cholesterol.

Researchers carried out a study, looking at the differences between walking the course and riding the golf carts. Those golfers who walked were found to have significantly improved their body’s health. Today’s modern golf course can extend in length to between three to four miles and the average player will spend up to 4 hours playing 18 holes.

In the study those players who rode around the course did not show any changes to their overall health conditions.

A round of golf has been compared to spending 45 minutes in the gym, if the golfer walks the course this can be equalled to a high level of fitness in an aerobics session.

However, having compared the health benefits to that of an indoor gym session, there is nothing that can compete with the experience of an outdoor sport. Play when the sun is warming, you will find your senses are heightened to the beauty of the lush green grass, this is definitely one easy way to lower any stress levels you may be under.

Golf can break down barriers, everyone is equal; it all comes down to how you play. The golf course is an excellent place to meet and make new friends, especially if you are walking the course. Never forget either many business dealings are handled during a round of golf. Your career prospects can certainly take a boost by playing with the boss, note: sometimes it is advantageous to take a few extra strokes on a couple of holes!

Your round of golf, regardless of whom you are playing with, promotes peace, tranquillity and a stress free environment. This can only be highly beneficial to your overall health. Surprisingly studies found that your body’s well being is not affected by the outcome of the result in your golf score. Just playing the sport is enough to aid your physical condition.

Many courses nowadays are encouraging golfers to walk; the damage done to the fairways by the golf carts can take a very long time to heal. So for the health of your golf course and your own, try walking round. You may be very surprised at the results.

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