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Golf Training Aids – Real Value

What else can I say about the golf swing, that has not been said before?, the golf swing is what makes golfer who they are, looking for the perfect swings, the natural golf swing and constantly building your swing is what defines golfers.

There are many approaches and methods for the golf swing and many different golf swing training aid, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all need practice, and if you ever played golf in your life, you know that this practice may take a little longer than the 3 hours you spend on the golf course every Saturday morning.

Golf is a game that requires perfection in many different levels, even for those who want to reach a lower handicap, something around the 11-14 golf handicap means that you need to spend a lot of time practicing your swing, not to mention your bunker play, your mental game and the many different situations a golf ball on a golf course can create.

Most golfers, or to be even more precise – most amateur golfers (not professionals) do not have enough time to work on their swing, I never met a golfer (and I met a few) that told me they had enough time to work on their swing, and that creates a huge problem, trying to get to the course (did you ever try to swing a golf club indoors? Don’t.) and manage some social life will not allow the average person enough time to work on his swing, and this is the exact reason why so many golf experts have devised many golf training aids to help golfers out.

Golf training aids are meant to be used mostly in the home, in the office or at the park while spending time with the kids, most of them are not meant to be used on the golf course because once you are on the course you should focus on playing golf and not practicing it. Golf training aids can help you with your golf swing, it is not a guaranteed fact that you will get better, but having some kind of golf training aid will increase your chances to work on your swing – just because it will be more available to you.

Constantly working on your swing, at home or at the office, for a few minutes a day can do wonders to your game. If you are taking golf lessons or you plan to go to a golf school to get better, than you absolutely should consider getting some golf training aid – it will make it easier for you to repeat what your golf instructor told you, it will give you the chance to keep working on that new thing you just understood on the range – every day, and wherever you want, it’s a great advantage.

The golf swing training aid is the thing that you should invest in before putting money into lessons and golf schools, just because it will allow you to do what they teach you every day, or at least twice as much as you can today (when visiting your golf club or a golf course near your home). There is no doubt that the most significant thing in golf is the swing, and someone told me that golfers think about golf every 3 minutes on average (I know I do) I am pretty sure that most than half of these thoughts are golf swing thoughts… put more time into it, and get better, by using a golf swing training aid.

How To Develop Your Golf Swing Naturally And Easily?

If you are like most golfers constantly finding methods to improve your swing, well take heart in knowing when there is a will, there is a way. Here are different ways on how to develop your golf swing naturally and easily.

1. Give Yourself Time To Go Through, Understand And Master Golf Lessons

Though golf lessons are essential whether you choose to learn them on-or-offline, you need to realize that you need time to go through, understand and master the essential skills you need to master golf instead of thinking you can achieve success instantly.

Unfortunately many beginners tend to have this mentality so my advice is not to be like them as that is the reason that separate them from successful ones who persevered and achieved results.

2. Buy The Golf Equipment You Need And Can Afford

Most beginners also have the misconception that they should have the best and most expensive golf equipment in order to play world class golf like their idols.

Unfortunately the truth is the exact opposite. It is not the golf equipment that will determine your success. Rather it is based on how you make use of it. In battles and wars, you can have the best swords and firearms but if you lacked the vital knowledge to use them to your advantage, they will be useless and you will still ended up vanquished by your foes.

The same is true about golf in terms of you competing with other golfers. So if you are just starting out, buy the golf equipment you need and can afford.

3. Getting A Coach

Although you can still learn entirely on your own through both on-and-offline golf lessons, it will still be an uphill task as you need to go through trial and error by experimenting different ways before discovering one that suits and works for you.

While getting a coach is costlier than the courses you signed up on your own, it increases your chances of succeeding. The only con is that whatever you know or think you know about golf, you have to throw everything out of your mind and start listening and doing exactly what your coach asks you to.

It might be tough initially but believe me, it is absolutely vital for you to master your golf since your coach understood what it takes for you to succeed since he or she has walked through that path. Afterall, this is part of the entire learning process.

4. Stay Focused And Practising Your Golf Swing Everyday

In life we faced all kinds of distractions from families and friends. Or other things that may seem important but are not really important.

Whether you are learning from the coach or on your own, you have to stay focused and be practising your golf swing everyday. Even if it rains, you can still practise indoors like your garage, basement or badminton court in your local community club. The more you do this, the better you come.

Someone once told me that if you always do what you have been doing, you will always get what you have been getting and it is true even in golf.

Even if you face setbacks or obstacles whatever they are, always tell yourself your main aim is to be a better golf player. This is so that you can recover and move from then.

Facts You Want To Know About Golf

Golf in simple words is a game involving propelling a small hard ball into a series of holes on an outdoor course using an array of clubs in as many less strokes as possible. Golf is popularly called a Gentlemen’s game. A game where honesty and fairness matter more than achievements on the course.

Important golf tournaments across the world

  • Masters – Organized in the month of April; 1st Major tournament of the year; and only Major tournament that is played on the same course year after year.
  • US Open – Organized in the month of June.
  • British open – Organized in the month of July.
  • PGA Championship – Most important tournaments; and organized in the month of August.

Golf course and equipments

Golf equipments are Golf clubs (maximum of 14 per golfer); Golf BA; Golf balls and tee; Golf shoes; and Gloves. The golf course is an open outdoor course and can be classified into different types based on either their size or their design or setting.

1. By Size -further classified on the basis of Number of holes and Types of holes.

  • 18-hole course: 18 hole golf course – mostly with par-4 holes and par 3 holes.
  • 9-hole course: Mostly par-4 holes and a few par 3 and some par 5. The total is nine holes.
  • Executive course: Can be a nine or eighteen hole course but is always shorter than the regular to ease a quick and less time consuming game. Includes more par-3 holes and less number of par-4 and par-5 holes.
  • Par-3 course: All the holes are par-3 holes. Shorter than an executive course and takes an even lesser time to play.
  • Approach course: even shorter than a par-3 course, designed basically for practicing pitching and chipping by experienced golfers, or for beginners. Holes may be about 100 yards, some just 30-40 yards. Also referred to as Pitch-and-Putt Courses.

2. By setting or design:

  • Links course: Constructed on a sandy coastline with the sea wind coming in without any major obstacles in the form of trees etc. Course is rich in tall grasses particular in coastal areas.
  • Parkland course: As the name suggests with lush green grass and lots of trees.
  • Desert course: In the desert, with sand all over and the only green areas being the Fairways, the Teeing Ground and Putting Greens.


The principle rule of golf is Fairness. The Official Rule Book’s back cover states:

“Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.”

Golf strokes

  • Drive or Full Swing: Used usually to gain full momentum and maximum distance of a fairway and the teeing ground.
  • 3/4th Swing or Approach used where an exact or “measured” distance is preferred.
  • Half Swing or Chip used for covering comparatively short distance, usually used to position the ball.
  • Putt shorter distance aimed at putting the ball in the hole.

Handicap -Is the ability of an amateur golfer, measured numerically, over a 18 hole course. Generally refers to the number of strokes required above par to complete a game of 18 holes. The lower a handicap, the better the game of a player.

Golf Terms

  • Birdie – A score one less than Par.
  • Bogey – A score one more than Par.
  • Eagle – A score two less than Par.
  • Par – An expected number of strokes an expert golfer would need for the hole or course.