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Best Indoor Parks in Singapore – Family Bonding Time!

Vacation with the whole family seems the perfect getaway from home and work. This is the time to relax, see the attractions in the place, go shopping, unwind in a beach or park and let the kids play to their hearts’ content.

Bringing the children out may be a bit problem especially on hot days. Parents need not worry when they are in Singapore as there are indoor parks or playgrounds designed for your kids’ enjoyment. Here are some of the best indoor parks and where to find them.

1. Playful Elves – When you’re in West Coast Plaza, Playful Elves is the best place to go to and let your kids have fun in this indoor playground. It has a Magical Forest theme with driving tracks, bouncy castle and a spacious two-storey place so your kids can run around freely. There is also an obstacle course for them to crawl and learn to finish. Younger children enjoy the table toys and driving the mini cars while the older ones go over the obstacle run. The play area is conceptualized well with the children’s safety in mind and to keep up with the kids’ various energy levels. Parents or guardians can have a peace of mind leaving their kids in this place.

2. Space Zone Play Gym – Located in Anchorpoint, Alexandra so look out for indoor park this when you are in the area and you have small kids in tow. Since this is a small area, your small kids will tremendously enjoy the space-like theme ball pit. It also has a mini obstacle course complete with soft punching bags and a slide at the end. So for you to maximize your day shopping, you can park your children at the Space Zone Play Gym and pick them up once you are done. The kids would surely have a grand time shooting balls on the space holes plus, develop coordination of their hands and eyes.

3. Hokey Pokey – Another play area for children below 6 years old, this is a haven for them as it is filled with toys for both boys and girls. Hokey Pokey is a big playing area similar to the size of almost two basketball courts, so imagine a big space that can fit many kids. It is equipped with a big ball pit, a safe slide, an open floor area concept to clearly view the children while at play and a café within the area for parents to relax while waiting for their kids. Toys are graded GB which is great for babies and toys are plenty from doll houses to cars. They also have costumes, cooking stations for girls, trains, castle sets from leading toy makers Imaginarium and Fisher Price. Neatly located in Millenia Walk, your kids will adore this place.

4. Amazonia – A jungle-themed playground for children of all ages, this has the right and fun activities to keep them pumped up and raring to play. Toddlers have a dedicated area so their space is just right for your little tykes. While the older kids can enjoy interactive games like Glow-in-the Dark Spaceball equipped with safe air guns with foamy balls and try to shoot the targets above the opponents’ boards. Another quality game is their 3D Glow Golf with 9-hole course so they can learn early how to play this wonderful sport. This is right in the Central area and with entrance fees with no peak and of-peak prices for different ages. Additional fee also applies for Space Balls and Golf games.

5. Happy Willow – With SGD10 for three hours, your toddlers will be able to crawl, walk or run on their dedicated Toddler’s Turf so they won’t be mixing around bigger kids. What’s great is that it is just beside the café so while parents are having coffee and reading magazines, they can see how their kids are doing. Located in Fusionopolis Way, this play center has a flying mini fox, kitchen station for girls, slides, ball pits and a corner filled with books for those who love to read.

6. The Polliwogs – A new indoor playground in Harbourfront Walk, Vivocity, it boasts of a play pen with a rock climbing area which will delight your young kids. They will learn to control their hand and feet coordination plus learn a new sport as well. Toddlers can enjoy the mini ball pit and get a kick out of the Merry-G0-Round. There are also shooting galleries and slides with different shapes. Dining is not a problem as there is a café nearby for the parents to go to while keeping an eye on their children.

7. Kidz Amaze – An indoor playground with high ceiling for your older kids. It has three themes that offer different kinds of fun, TreeTops, the Cave and the City. There are tunnels across the play area and high structures so the kids can climb tree-like posts. A ball-hopper puts more fun in playing ball plus ball shooters with foam balls for safety. Kidz Amaze is well-lit and well-ventilated with some of the sun rays streaming inside the window. Strategically located in Toa Payoh so you can never miss this indoor play area.

8. Hip Kids Club – If you want to go shopping on Orchard Road specifically the Forum Shopping Mall and don’t want to bring the kids from store to store, you can leave them for a few hours at the Hips Kids Club. The playground has a membership fee for a year so no need to worry on paying every time your kids want to go there. It has balance beams, climbing frames, ball pit, a slide, lifesavers and mini trikes. Not bad for keeping the children busy while you’re busy shopping.

9. Royce Kids Gym – An indoor playground that is full of toys so children can be entertained well and they can change toys as fast as saying ABC. There are cute and colorful sofas for toddlers to climb on and it looks so comfy. There is a swings section to put your small kids into and let them enjoy the wind blowing on his face as he slowly rocks. An interesting part of the playground is the kitchen area where both boys and girls can play chef. Complete with oven, utensils, pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons and cups, kids will have a grand time hopping from one oven to another. Toy houses also line up the large playground. Your little ones can crawl from one toy house to another and still be amused. You shouldn’t miss this especially when you are in the Liang Court.

10. The City – A different indoor play area wherein learning as well as doing fun activities will help keep your older kids entertained. If your child is into superhero stuff then this is the perfect place for them. Costumes and mock-ups are available for them to dress up and play the superhero they wanted to be. There are suits for Superman, Thor, Spiderman plus costumes for doctors or shopping carts for expert shoppers. This playground lets them be creative and imaginative with the different personalities they will role play. An indoor playground in Liang Court, a must-be place for your little kids who want to be superheroes.

Can Golf Swing Training Aids Solve Putting Issues?

My putting has been off lately, which is frustrating because this aspect of the game ends up being fifty percent of a golfing score. Putting is so important, but it’s something I’ve been struggling with. Even if you’re getting the ideal line drives, once putting starts your score goes downhill. This is the main reason why I’ve started using golf swing training aids that help with putting.

When you’re not a golfer, you don’t realize putting has different training aids to help with this aspect. You don’t have to be a pro, but you know putting is important. You still have to be careful on how you position the swing.

Can golf swing training aids change your putting?

• Putting is fifty percent of a golfing score.
• Putting aids are available to help with putting faults.
• Putting training aids can be used indoor or outdoors.
• They come in different price ranges, making it easy to find something to work.
• Check out a reliable website for tips or equipment to improve golf swing.

Putting is very important and can make or break a score. It happens at the end of a hole and doesn’t need any speed, but it’s all about the correct technique and takes complete focus. You need to figure out how to improve this aspect of your golfing game.

A golf pro will give you your best help when you’re trying to make changes. He will be able to show you where technique may be off, while also be able to suggest golf swing training aids to take care of a specific aspect of your putting game. There are aids created to work indoors and outdoors, so putting practice can happen even during the snowy winter months.

Putting aids will come in multiple prices, so there’s even something for those who keep to a budget. You can find putting learning systems and putting mats to target mats and laser putters. There will be something available to help this part of your game, and it would be wise to try a training aid since putting is so important.

If you want advice or golf tips, a good place to visit a reliable website on the internet. Most sites can show you what’s available to try for putting trainers and even tell you the newest golf swing training aids accessible on the market, especially those focusing on putting. These tools will help you make the necessary changes.

Did You Play Golf on Christmas Day?

A Christmas day tradition in many families is to go for a walk sometime during the day. Sometimes a stroll is taken before returning indoors to face a big meal, or alternatively afterwards, so that a few calories can be walked off! It’s just nice to take the time to walk and talk and enjoy a relaxing stroll in the fresh air, without pressure. It’s peaceful. It’s quality family time.

Golfing on Christmas day provides a slight twist to the theme. It’s not always quite so relaxing! That said, whether golf is relaxing or not does depend upon your personality. I always enjoy playing golf, no matter how my game is. But for some people it can be a frustrating experience if that little while ball isn’t responding as desired. And if one person in the party isn’t happy, his or her frustration can ruffle everyone else’s feathers as well.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play golf on Christmas day for several years now, but I remember the joy of being on an almost empty course and loving it. Last time I played on Christmas day, it was on a bright, sunny, crisp and almost frosty morning. It was spectacularly good weather for the North of England for that time of year, and something almost unheard of happened…there was no wind!

There we were, two couples, playing golf on our own seemingly private course, having an absolute ball! Ok, so I have to admit it really was too cold to play more than nine holes without suffering from frostbite. But it was so much fun. Afterwards we all went home and embarked upon eating out traditional British Christmas day meal.

And so I found myself wondering this Christmas how many people played golf? And where did they play and who with? Who enjoyed it and who didn’t really appreciate the experience?

Everyone should enjoy golf, no matter how his or her game “pops out” on the day. Golf is more than just a game. It is truly a privilege to be able to walk upon a beautiful manicured golf course, out in the open, to have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature, to breathe in the fresh air. It is a privilege to have good friends to spend time with. It is a privilege to have the time to play this game.

It is also a privilege to have the opportunity to learn and grow through the experience of traversing the challenges that golf poses to the human psyche. It is a very “levelling” game indeed!

Golf teaches us a lot so long as we allow it to do so. I played with a friend today who confesses to having felt frustrated when she was first playing golf and then quickly learning to respond with a more appropriate mindset. She now enjoys every round of golf, no matter what happens, and truly appreciates the beauty of this game.

I’m sure we have all entered that zone of frustration. The key is to move through it and then to erect barriers to prevent it from revisiting you and disturbing your emotional equilibrium. I suspect that many golfers begin a new year with a resolution to improve their attitude towards golf. Everyone can do this so long as they make a commitment to do so. Golf hypnosis can be a very helpful aid in achieving this goal.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

P.S. Discover how to focus your golf mind and develop a good attitude towards golf. Check out my website now.