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Cabo Del Sol – World Class Golf in the Mexico Sun

You have to hand it to the Cabo del Sol Golf Courses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for two of the most brilliant and dramatic golf courses in the world – the Ocean and Desert Golf Courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf respectively. They’ve gone and taken golf to another dimension, where sun, surf, and golf have come together under the heavens to create the most vivid and memorable play.

Golf Magazine is right on the money by listing the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course as the #1 golf course in Mexico and a spot on its “Top 100 Courses in the World”. You will be absolutely dazzled with marvelous views of the Sea of Cortez, but only after starting away from the water on the desert plateau. Your patience of playing in the desert will be greatly rewarded once you get the sixth hole as the course earns it’s ‘Ocean Course’ name. Keep in mind, this is no easy course with a par-72 and 137-slope and the impeccable course is exceptional.

The Cabo del Sol Ocean Course features typical Nicklaus challenges with sand, strategy, and lengthy challenges. Check this quote out from the greatest golfer of all time (and one of the most accomplished architects), Jack Nicklaus: “(The Ocean Course has) the three finest finishing holes in golf”. Wow.

The 11th hole is a 328 yard par-4 doozy. Risk the shot over the desert area on the left and you’ll have a short shot to the green. If you miss it, say hello to the sand. The 12th is a par-5, 473 yard hole with an elevated and well-bunkered green. The finishing stretch starts with the 16th, a 342 yard par-4 playing downhill towards the jagged shoreline. The gem of the finishing holes is the picturesque 17th, a 178 yard par-3 playing parallel to the Sea of Cortez. The beautiful track finishes with the stunning 18th, a par-4 that hugs the Sea of Cortez all the way to your last putt on the sloping green.

The Desert Course (ranked #5 in Mexico by Golf Digest), is another par-72, is 7,053 yards idyllically set between the mountains, desert, and the ocean. You’ll experience spacious greens, wide fairways, traditional type bunkering, and astonishing views. Since opening in 2002, Tom Weiskopf has impressed golfers with his clever design of incorporating ocean views from just about every hole, with five sets of tees to make any golfer at ease.

Services abound at the Cabo San Lucas Golf Resort. Before or after a round enjoy the 40,000 square foot Clubhouse offering a full service snack bar, indoor/outdoor fine dining, and separate men and women’s lounges. There are private meeting and event rooms available for groups and a fine golf shop with the latest in golf wear, equipment, and accessories. If you’re in need of a golf lesson, the excellent professional staff at Cabo del Sol can sharpen your game while on vacation.

Do check ahead for course maintenance schedules during the summer. One course will always remain open but Cabo del Sol typically shuts down one of the courses for extended maintenance during the summer.

For superb accommodations while golfing, a solid choice is the Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf & Spa. You’ll enjoy great views of the Sea of Cortez from your balconied room. All rooms include wireless internet access, mini-bar, coffee/tea maker, and in-room safes. For excellent dining, there’s a variety of restaurants including Rosato, with terrace seating overlooking the beach, a wine bar, and live piano music.

When the golf courses aren’t keeping you busy, there’s a plethora of activities available including a full service spa, including the chance to recharge at the beach-side massage huts. Since whales come to winter in Cabo, treat yourself to a whale watching tour. There’s scuba diving, parasailing (quite fun if you’re not afraid of heights), and fishing nearby to complement your beach stay (additional fees apply).

Another great hotel in the Cabo del Sol development is the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. Picture cobblestone walkways, winding paths, and a genuine Old Mexico feel. This hotel offers 5-star accommodation, four pools, five restaurants, 2 bars, and all 270 rooms offer balconies, and in-room Jacuzzis.

First-class condo accommodations are also available with shuttle service to and from the Cabo del Sol golf courses. There are three infinity-edge swimming pools and three 6-person spa tubs. The fitness center includes free weights and cardio machines. In these non-smoking condos and villas, you’ll have fully equipped kitchens, washer/dryer, and a DVD & CD player, all with a patio or balcony viewing the Sea of Cortez.

For the most enjoyable golf, excellent accommodations, exquisite beaches, make your trip soon to visit Cabo San Lucas and the enchanting Cabo Del Sol Golf Course. Viva la Mexico!

How to Cure Your Golf Slice

Golfing is a great sport because it can be played by people of all ages and gets you outdoors for exercise and social interaction with friends and business colleagues. But it can also be a frustrating game because of the difficulty of hitting that little white ball with any degree of consistency.

One of the most frustrating problems most golfers face is the tendency to “slice” the ball. Usually the slice develops after the beginning golfer has started to hit the ball reasonably well and a fairly good distance. That’s when the dreaded slice rears its ugly head.

Slicing happens when a right handed golfer hits the ball so it has a horrible curve to the right, or a left handed golfer hits it so it curves to the left. As any reasonably knowledgeable golfer will tell you, the slice is the result of “coming across” the ball with an “outside in” swing. As the club sweeps across the ball, the club strikes the ball in a slightly “open” position. This action puts sidespin on the ball and as it moves through the air it curves to the right (or left for a lefty).

Exactly the same thing happens in baseball when a right handed batter hits the ball down the right field line or a left handed batter hits it down the left field line. The ball curves away from the field towards the foul line. This slicing action also happens in other sports where a bat or racquet is used to strike a ball – sports such as tennis, ping pong, racquet ball, and cricket. And even in sports where simply throwing the “ball” with clockwise sidespin makes it curve to the right – think of bowling, lawn bowling and curling for example.

In many sports curving the ball like this is an important part of the game. Ping pong and tennis players, for instance, want the ball to curve as it approaches their opponent and then bounce off the paddle or racquet at an odd angle making it more difficult for the opponent to control the return.

But in golf a slice is almost always a negative thing the golfer wants to get rid of. That’s because a slicing shot doesn’t go as far because of the energy lost by the spinning, curving ball. The result is even worse in windy conditions where the increased wind resistance exaggerates the effects of sidespin. A slicing ball hit into a stiff breeze will often “balloon” up into the wind and almost appear to be coming back towards the golfer.

In spite of all the magical cures touted in magazine articles and golf videos, the only way to cure a slice is to learn to hit the ball correctly – with a square club face that is moving on a natural arc from slightly inside the line of flight.

It takes most golfers years and thousands of practice shots to learn how to do this. That’s because there is such a natural tendency to begin the swing by throwing the shoulders out at the ball. That gets the clubhead out there on the wrong side of the target line of flight – on the “outside” – and the only way to actually hit the ball from that position is to bring the clubhead back inside at an angle to the intended line of flight. That’s what is meant by “coming across” the ball.

Most beginning golfers have a difficult time understanding and visualizing this process. They think they are swinging on a perfectly square line straight through the ball and down the intended line of flight. But an experienced golfer who has already learned all about slices from his own struggles with the game can usually tell an inside out swing from 50 or 100 yards away without even watching the clubhead at all. There are certain moves that are so typical of a slice that they can be picked up almost immediately by an experienced observer.

That is why a golf simulator can be such a valuable tool in the struggle to overcome a slice. You may have noticed commercial locations that offer virtual rounds of golf, or facilities in some of the larger golf equipment chains that have an area that allows the buyer to try out golf clubs before making an expensive purchase.

Most golfers go to an indoor driving range or a virtual golf location and just bang away at the simulator as if they were out on the range pounding out drivers. But the fact is, a really good golf simulator can do much more than just tell you how far you have hit the ball. It can be a great tool to show you the exact shape of your swing and tell you exactly why you are slicing or hooking the ball.

Equipped with sensors, cameras, and a big-screen display, the golf simulator translates the details of a golf swing to ball motion on the display. Once the data on your particular swing is collected, you can view the results on a display. You can see an accurate representation of your swing, the actual flight path of your ball, your club face angle at impact, and exactly where and when the ball begins to turn, given all the variables that went into a particular swing. Most of the better units allow you to hit an untethered ball, and virtually play golf courses from all over the world

If you are serious about curing your slice, there is no doubt that taking a analytical, objective look at your actual swing is the place to start. And there is no more effective way to get that kind of swing analysis than with a golf simulator.

There are now even high quality units that you can set up right in your home. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars at an indoor driving range or virtual golf facility for an hour or two of practice every week, you can have your own quality golf simulator right in your rec room, basement or garage.

A good home system will let you work on your game for hours and hours till you groove the correct swing path. It will give you all the analytical tools you need to improve your swing. The better units will tell you your clubhead speed, your clubface angle at impact, your clubhead’s angle of approach to the ball, and how far the ball would have gone out on a real golf course.

Of course the technology cannot simulate the foul weather, wild winds, and rugged terrain that come into play on a real golf course. But perhaps these are factors that you can do without when you simply want to concentrate on grooving a new more effective swing.

The proponents of this exciting new technology claim that for a committed student of the game, such a device can correct errors in swing mechanics better than traditional techniques or even lessons from a professional teacher.

City Golf – What To Expect And The Advantages

City golf has taken off around the world. Why? Because our busy lifestyles have demanded it. Most of us don’t have a spare 4-5 hours to play a full round of golf plus travel to and from the golf course.

We still love to play golf but time is precious these days. Well, that’s where City Golf has stepped in to solve this problem.

You see, city golf is an inside golf facility that allows participants to stay in great shape, to socialize with others who enjoy the game and to work on improving your game. In this article I’m going to address the advantages of City Golf.

The first advantage of belonging to a city golf facility is the ability to socialize. It is a great place to meet with business clients and often a facility will have available a complimentary meeting room. Often the people who belong to a particular facility find that they have other things in common also. It is a great way to stay in contact with friends when the weather is too nasty to go to an outdoor golf course. Also, it is a great place to meet new people. After all, everyone is interested in the same thing – golf. Most facilities offer some kind of concession stand and a lounge area with satellite television.

The second advantage is that it allows participants to stay in great shape. Most facilities include a fitness area where participants can work out. To improve your golf game you should also improve your body. One way to do this is to establish an exercise routine and stick to it. This golf exercise regime should have three goals. The first goal is to increase strength. The second goal should be to increase the cardio ability of your body. The third goal should be to increase flexibility. Working on these three areas will improve your golf game and that can be done at most city golf facilities.

The third advantage of belonging to a city golf facility is being able to work on your golf game. Usually these facilities have golf simulators which allow the user to feel like they are playing at one of the greatest courses in the world, when they don’t even have time to leave the city that they live in. Most facilities also offer video swing analysis. This is a great way to actually see what you are doing and to work on improving any swing flaws. Most city golf facilities also offer an indoor driving range and putting greens and some even have bunkers!

The only downside to a city golf facility is you don’t get the fresh air and nature of being on a real golf course. You could never manufacture that. But for what they are you’ll find them an excellent place to pop into and work on improving your golf game without spending half a day doing it.

So to boil city golf down into one word you would say CONVENIENCE.