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Golf Training Aids For Your Golf Swing

If you want to improve your golf swing, especially for your drive, then spending the money on a golf training aid to use at home may be something for you to consider. At-home training equipment lets you practice whenever you want, without having to drive across town or pay for the privilege of swinging a club on someone else’s land.

Golf swing training equipment is quite popular among golf training products. You can get special clubs that serve as swing trainers because they are weighted, marked, colored, and designed in certain ways. Or you can move up a level, technologically speaking, and purchase a swing analyzer, which has you hit an attached ball and then gives instant feedback on where an actual ball would have gone.

Both types give you the chance to get a lot of repetition in, which benefits both strength and muscle memory, which are essential for a good golf swing. There are many golf training aids on the market today. You can essentially go as high-tech or as simplistic as you desire, and spend as little ($10) or as much ($600) as you like. Here are five fun training aids for working on your golf game (and having a bit of fun) at home.

  • Indoor putting green. This classic golf aid lets you practice your close-range putting at all hours, rain or shine.
  • Swing sway sticks. These attach to your club to help you learn to swing without swaying.
  • Weighted clubs give you a chance to practice with a heavy club, then switch to the ease of a regular club.
  • Practice tees let you practice repetition, and some measure your accuracy with a laser or marked net.
  • Speed sensors tell you how fast you are swinging and how far the ball would go if you were on the range.

Using a golf training aid at home is a smart idea for a number of reasons:

  • It lets you practice whenever works best for your schedule
  • You can get short practice sessions in over time, rather than occasional long practices, for more consistency
  • It is more affordable than paying to go to a practice range
  • Aids can give you feedback about how you are doing and what you need to work on

A putting aid is probably one of the most common practice aids for two reasons. Firstly, most people struggle with putting, and secondly, it is easier to do indoors than driving is.

To practice putting, you just need a practice green with a regulation hole. Some are 15-20 feet long with variable contours and automatic ball returns and even have a flag, and others are more simplistic. It depends on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

This Golfing Season Take A Lesson

Golf and the sport of golfing have certainly been increasing in popularity both as an affordable pastime, passion and even form of business and employment networking. Yet as the sport and pastime of golf and the sport of golfing continues to march down the links along with that goes the need for better and more instruction and the needs for quality information, tips and even the dark “secrets” of the game.

First things first you need to learn the basic “fundamentals of the game”. It has been said that golf is a sport on which you hit a little ball while the big ball (the planet earth) spins& moves onwards at high speeds. Regardless by picking up bad habits from your friends and fellow amateur golfers it may leave you at a handicap. Once bad golfing habits are acquired and ingrained they can be almost impossible to erase from your golfing repertoire. Hence time, effort and costs spent on professional golf instruction at the start may be the best overall investment in your golfing career overall.
On top of that each spring as you start off the golf season, or if you are planning to take a winter golf recreational trip, take the time and effort to sign up for a refresher course – just to iron out the kinks and get back into good shape. Even if you live in a cold winter clime like Winnipeg there is no shortage of indoor golf instruction or covered golf domes so that you can enjoy your instruction in comfort. On top of that since everything is all set up one hour of golf practice may be the equivalent of more than several hours on the golf course itself – regardless even of driving time and distance factors.

Group lessons can be less costly and expensive but will not get you as much rapt attention and in many cases improvement in your game as private lessons. If you are time strapped for your vacation or if the group lessons are crowded at peak, back to the golf course in the spring time point in the year, then private lessons though more costly may be your best value of all. However on the other side of the greens – group lessons may be somewhat instructive and as well less demanding and focused on you and may draw less attention from the master to your poor golf habits which of course have returned with a vengeance. There is safety in numbers so to speak. In a manner as well you may realize that you are not the only one out there in the real world having difficulty in your golf game and getting it back to 100 % form. In group lessons you can work on regaining your golf fundamentals with other enthusiasts of the sport and leisure pastime of golf and golfing. Along with that you may make some golfing buddies, friends and acquaintances and as well be able to form, create or join a golfing foursome or even a league.

In the end it can be said that golf is a most difficult game without handicapping yourself further. This golf season – take a lesson.

Golf Driving Net Reviews

Golf is a favorite pastime among the masses. However not many can actually go to the golf clubs for a variety of reasons. But that does not mean that you must forgo the pleasures of the sport. A variety of golf equipments are available which ensure that you can enjoy golf to the maximum at your own homes. Golf driving nets are the most useful equipment you can buy to enjoy this luxury.

Benefits of the nets

The most obvious benefit is that the golf driving nets allow you to enjoy the game in your own comfort zone like your backyard. You can set it up wherever you please and have a fulfilling game. Furthermore these nets also help you improve your game so when you actually go to a club you can show off your skills.

Tips to consider when buying golf nets

The first criterion is to check the size. Carefully examine the size and determine whether it fits the space you have allotted for it in your home or yard. You do not want to end up with an oversized net. Next, check the netting material. The nets should be of good quality as it should be able to withstand your most powerful shot. Some nets come with targets included while some do not. This is based on personal preference however it must be noted that targets help in improving your shots.

Another feature to ensure is portability and flexibility. The net should be easy to put up and take down so that you can set up wherever you want. Another feature you should check for is the golf mat. Most nets come with a golf mat but some don’t so check beforehand for this part. Lastly, consider the price. There is no need to go over the top. However make sure that the reasonably priced package is of good quality so that you can truly enjoy the game.

Golf Driving Net Reviews

Excel golf nets

This net is easy to install as it is totally assembled. The netting is made of mesh polypropylene and is 7/8″. The safety back baffle is 3/8″ and is made of #50 twine. In order to maximize the functionality of the net, the safety baffle hangs loose. Golf net targets are included with this set.

Ace Golf Net

This net measures 8′in height and 11′in width and 3 1/2′ on the sides. The safety baffle net is 4′ x 5′. The netting is made of Nylon HDBD Archery 1/8″ Mesh. This set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pro- Supreme Golf nets

This high quality set is perfect for both commercial and residential use. Its black netting which is used in constructions ensures that it can withstand the most powerful shots. The safety baffle is made up of Archery Netting thus making it very reliable. This heavy duty set guarantees durability and maximum functionality. The pro supreme golf nets are sold without the frames thus can be set up anywhere and is easily portable.