Are There Benefits to Reading a Golf Training Guide?

Keeping Your Golf Swing Through the Winter

By having an indoor golf swing trainer at home or at your office can really help you keep in summer shape.

The weighted indoor club is short and fitted, with the proper grip, so you work on grip and muscle tone. The swing trainer has the proper grip built in to the club so when you do your swing workouts you will also be keeping the proper grip and we all know how important that is. You can keep it in the drawer of your desk or pack it your vehicle on business trips. Swing trainers can be used almost anywhere and will even remove some of the stress of working and not being able to play golf or practice. Using indoor trainers 2 to 3 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week will help keep your swing fine tuned year round.

We have all seen the very heavy weighted swing trainers but I am getting a little older and I do not want to overdo it. I try to stay in the 24 to 32 ounce range. This is more for 10-36 handicap range. I think most seniors and ladies feel comfortable with that weight. And for you younger golfers it won’t help any to increase the weight.

With winter coming on and getting cold why not at least try staying in golfing shape and do some reps with an indoor swing trainer and even maybe a set up or two. Stay in shape and happy golfing. See you at the links.

Top 5 Golf Gifts For The Year 2013

You may feel pressured if you have a golf player on your list during gift giving occasions like Christmas if you are a non-golfer. Because you’ve got no idea on what to purchase for your golfer friend, you might just as well give him or her something that isn’t golf-related. That’s an easy way out. But if you really wish to present your recipient something that you know they would enjoy, you know that you ought to present golf gifts for your golfer recipients. Good thing there are plenty of gifts for golf players all over the net. Though, you might find it difficult to choose which one you should purchase because there are just too many options. So to help you out a little, here’s a list of top 5 gifts for golfers this 2013.

5 Top Gift For Golfers This 2013

Flip-Face Putter

The number one on our list is the flip-face putter. This putter has two sides, which are adjustable, so that the user can use two putters in one. You recipient will surely love this gift because they don’t have to buy two different kinds of putters just to try out which one is better. For the price of one, you are able to give two different kinds of golf gifts.

The sizes of these double-sided putters are #1, #5 and #9.

Electric Putt Return

A great gift for golfers is an electric putt return. This is a practice aid that automatically returns the ball to the user once the latter has successfully made a putt. These electric putt returns are battery operated and can be used indoors and outdoors. Your recipient will surely love this because it is small and can be carried anywhere. It can also be put on a putting green, which makes the practice even more realistic.

Rangefinder And GPS

One of the best golf gifts that you can find these days is a rangefinder and GPS gadget. This nifty gadget will help your recipient make a better shot. Most rangefinder and GPS gadgets can store thousands of golf courses. This is great for golfers who love to travel because they can upload the golf courses that they are about to go to without worrying about having not enough space for additional download of golf courses. Also, these gadgets are often small, which is great for traveling.

Golf Score Counter

An electronic golf score counter is one of the handiest golf gifts that you can give these days. Because everything seems to be digital nowadays, it’s a good idea to make the bothersome score counting automatic. Your recipient won’t have to take along scorecards, which is great if they don’t want to keep writing their scores down.

Impact bag

Another great present for golfers is an impact bag. This enables your recipient to practice his or her golf swing without worrying about hitting a passersby or anything breakable around them. This is among the best golf gifts for golfers who wish to improve their skill since it could be used indoors and outdoors.