With So Many Golf Simulators on the Market Today How Can You Find the Right One?

When starting my company, I was very new to the industry and knew very little about the simulators. I didn’t understand all the functions and capabilities of the different golf simulators on the market. I knew it was an exciting, cutting edge industry with many different options and price ranges. Originally, I was looking to open an up scale sports bar, directly adjacent to a local (very busy) golf course. The thought was to have a nice restaurant/bar where the players could come have a bite to eat, a few drinks and play a round of golf on the simulators. Everything looked great except for the fact the commercial space I was looking at, did not have any type of kitchen at all. I was looking at about a $450,000.00 investment just to get the kitchen and bar into this location. I was unwilling to invest that amount of money, into an unproven business idea. So I stepped back and looked at what I really liked about the business plan. What I came up with was the golf simulators. The golf simulators were what made my idea exciting and unique.

So, I started contacting companies and visiting local establishments who already had a simulator, in order to get a better understanding of what I was dealing with. After several months of research on multiple companies and multiple products, I was ready to start my business. My goal was to help to bring to the market the exciting world of simulated gaming. I set out to save my customers the months of research it took me to find the cream of the crop in the world of golf simulators. I have approached sports bars, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, cruise lines, home owners and many others and have found this gigantic process can be simplified into three key factors. Software, structures and sensor technology, these factors are what I feel are the areas which need the most attention to detail, to determine which simulator is best for you or your business.

Golf Club Staff Bags

As the touring golf pros play their competitive rounds, they are accompanied by two very important accessories; the indispensable caddy and their staff bag. The tour staff bag is an important part of the golfer’s arsenal. It easily carries the full component of fourteen clubs and has lots of pockets for golf balls, golf shoes, hats, tees and all the other little pieces of equipment that get the touring pros through their rounds. As the pro strolls down the fairway, the caddy carries the staff bag that, loaded, can easily weigh over fifty pounds.

A golf club staff bag is rarely carried by the average golfer, but happily placed on the golf cart. The more adventurous walkers usually use a Carry Golf Bag. However, if a “hold absolutely everything” golf bag is needed, staff bags do fit nicely on the average golf cart.

Where do you get a Golf Club Staff Bag? All the major brands certainly have them in their online stores or at your friendly pro shop.

Favorite choices are those from Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist and Wilson. Wilson is now offering golf bags made in China at, we understand, very competitive prices. Staff bags are also made by well known golf bag manufactures like Mizuno and Ogio.

You can also have a custom staff bag made with your name, company logo or some other significant decoration.

I use a staff bag and it becomes a happy home for everything I use on the golf course. In addition to my full complement of golf clubs, there are pockets and storage areas for balls, tees, markers and my trusty distance gauge as well as golf gloves and shoes and several other golfing accessories. A large pocket in the bottom even has room for my rain gear, an extra sweater or two and there is even space for a nutrition bar, snacks and a tasty beverage.

While it’s a bit heavy from the car to the clubhouse, once the staff bag is on the cart, weight doesn’t matter.

One slight problem is that all these clubs and golf accessories have a tendency to take up permanent residence unless a conscious effort is made to take time to empty the contents and remove all the wrappers, empties, ripped golf gloves and all the other nasty things that have taken up residence over the past few months.

Since you have spent a couple hundred dollars on this beauty, this is also the perfect time to clean up the staff bag. The best way to do this is to put a little dishwashing soap and water in a container. Spray the bag with a hose or wipe it with a wet rag to get it wet. Then, using an old towel or wash cloth aggressively clean the bag. Take some time and get rid of any dirt pockets that can build up in any nooks and crannies. Be more careful on any embroidered or velour covered areas.

Once your golf staff bag is cleaned to your satisfaction, prepare it for drying. This is also a great time to, literally, get it back into shape. Fill the pockets and storage areas of your staff golf bag with paper of regular towels. Don’t overfill and make sure all the zippers close and the snaps snap. Let it dry for twenty four hours, indoors or in a shady area to prevent any fading. You can also use leather or vinyl cleaners, but good old soap and water works just fine.The next day, remove the towels and presto, its almost like brand new.

If you can handle the weight and don’t forget it needs a little loving care and feeding, your staff golf bag can be your best friend on the golf course.

Lilliput Mini Golf in Singapore

For golf lovers, if you are torn between discovering Singapore or having a round of golf, fret not further. Now you can do both at the same time, in a fully air-conditioned environment as well. Lilliput Mini Golf in Singapore is Singapore’s first themed indoor 18-holes mini golf course. This golf course is suitable for everyone in the family and you can bring your little tots to enjoy the game as well.

Situated at Big Splash Complex at East Coast Parkway, LilliPut is a mini golf course which at the same time, offers you interactive entertainment and showcases mini landmarks of Singapore. In the 18 holes course, you will be playing through many local landmarks like the Changi Airport, Discovery Centre, Turf Club, Esplanade, Big Splash, the Zoo, Boat Quay, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa and many others. The size of the course is approximately the size of five tennis courts.

There are hundreds of models and special effects which accompanies you during your game, offering you sound lighting and animatronics as you try to complete your birdies or eagles. Some of the interesting features include the MRT train, which moves a few meters when your golf ball goes inside a carriage. You will also find a cable car that transports your golf ball, as well as a simulated waterfall and a musical fountain. It is almost like testing your golf skills, plus introducing you to Singapore and let you test or learn how much you know about Singapore.

One great part about the LilliPut is, regardless of your golfing skills and or fitness levels; you will find it fun and challenging at the same time. So whether you are a seasoned golfer or someone who has never picked up a golf club, this indoor mini-golf adventure and discovery course promises to give you many exciting moments as you putt through the holes.

While waiting for your scores to be tabulated, there is a cozy lounge that you can enjoy some refreshments after your hard work at the 18-hole course. You can also find souvenirs available for sale there. Admission is priced affordably so that everyone in the family can enjoy. If you are visiting during the weekend, it is strongly recommended you make a prior booking to avoid waiting in long queues. After your game, you can stroll along the east coast beach, which is a firm favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, to enjoy the sea breeze. For shopping lovers, head towards the Parkway Parade shopping complex, where you can find almost everything you heart desires.