How Do I Correct a Reverse Pivot in My Golf Swing?

If you are asking this question, then you are probably pulling your ball to the left when you swing or putt. This is a serious problem, especially for that last swing of the course. It’s never good when your ball swerves out of the way when it’s less than two feet from the hole! Not only does it make you look bad, it can also cost you money if you’re playing in a competition.

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Mini Golf Course Builder

One of the main things to consider while building a mini golf course is the fact that you have to make the whole process of playing a lot more interesting. Your golf course should bring people to play in it again. This can be done only if you have certain unique characteristics in your golf course that excite the player while using them. It becomes very important for the golf course builder to put together all the possible natural and manmade elements that go into the making of the golf course in an exciting, natural way to capture the excitement of the golfer.

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Golf Training Aid – The Five Best

As everyone is trying to catch lightning in a bottle, the Wireless Golf Coach is asked all of the time about what golf training aid will work for our students. Obviously the answer is different for everyone but with that being said here are five golf training aids we often suggest:

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