Cold Weather Golf – Things You Must Consider

When we get into the colder months of the year, many people simply put the golf clubs away. But there are a few diehards that look for any course that’s open. And as we get to the beginning of the season, there are going to be days after all the courses are open where the temperature is going to drop for a few days, and if those days are when you have a tee-time booked, you will want to play through it.

Some of the things you must consider are:

1. How to dress. Keeping your feet warm and dry are of the utmost importance. This is when you will need golf shoes that are truly waterproof and heavy socks. Multiple layers starting with close-fitting underwear, tight-knitted sweaters that are turtleneck, wool pants, and finally rain gear as your top layer should keep you as warm as possible without totally restricting your movement. Topping off the ensemble will be a knit ski cap, which is an absolute must.

2. What to drink. Alcohol might seem like it should warm you up, but it actually has the opposite effect. Instead, drink hot coffee or hot chocolate that you will carry in a jumbo thermos.

3. Adjust your swing. Your swing is naturally going to be restricted by the clothing, so don’t fight it. Swing with a little slower tempo than normal, and keep it more compact. As a result, you are going to need more club than normal, so don’t try to compensate with putting a little more into the ball. Just accept the conditions and grab a six or seven iron instead of an eight iron.

4. Walk the course. Not only is it good exercise, but it will keep you warmer than riding in a cart (unless it is enclosed with a heater). If you must have a cart, it should at least have a windshield.

A couple of other tips for golfing in cold weather: get some of those small hand warmers that come in plastic pouches. Get a bunch of them, and all you do is shake them to get them activated and they give off heat for up to eight hours. Secondly, don’t expect to set any course records in these conditions. You are playing at this time because of your love of the game. You won’t be able to pull off some of the shots you would normally make. You have to make it up with a superior short game.

If you are really intent on keeping your golf skills up during the winter months but don’t want the suffering that goes with playing in freezing conditions, consider some indoor practice drills. I have learned so much about flaws in my golf swing by watching my swing in a mirror. I know I have surprised myself by how much out of alignment I was, or how much sway was in my swing. Also, it will help a great deal if you can find an indoor facility that allows you to videotape your golf swing. There are many ways to beat the weather during the cold winter months.

Basement Golf Greens Make Winter Practice Easy

There is no shortage of golf enthusiasts throughout Chicago and the Midwest. Still, you’d be hard pressed to find even one eager to pursue the game outdoors in the dead of winter. Southwest Greens Chicago is making it easier for you to work on your short game on the coldest winter day, and every other day for that matter, courtesy of our indoor putting greens. Our basement golf greens are the warmer, more comfortable relative of our backyard putting greens, and provide a wonderful opportunity to eliminate the winter-related excuses and shrink your handicap through the force of sheer convenience.

Consider your typical routine when it’s time to work on your short game. Then install one of our putting greens and put your old routine on the backburner. Made from the finest artificial grass in the industry, a home practice facility is a quick and easy installation matched only by the ease of accessing the game you love on a moment’s notice. Often times the difference between a short game that soothes the mind rather than tortures it is simply the amount of practice time one can find to put in. An addition such as this promises that your will to be great will be matched by your ability to pursue that greatness. Your game can only benefit as a result.

Installing a basement green offers an intrinsic benefit that goes beyond your game. Consider for a moment not only the unique aesthetic it will add to your home but the added value it’s certain to bring. It’s safe to say that very few homes in your neighborhood or any other will be able to boast of such a unique and versatile basement area. And because it’s indoors there is of course no maintenance involved. Your only responsibility will be to enjoy your basement green and reap the benefits when the golf season comes around again.

If you’re like most serious golfers you don’t mind doing the work it takes to become better. Of course the winter months make that pursuit a difficult one, which is why it makes so much sense to bring the game home with you. Make your basement ground zero for the evolution of your putting game while adding value to your home in a unique and exciting way. An amazing amount of fun, and a lower handicap, is just down the stairs and within your reach with a little help from Southwest Greens.

Golf Improvement Techniques – Improve Your Game With Muscle Memory and Golfing Aids

Taking up the game of golf can be very rewarding. It is a game that gets you outdoors in the fresh air, gives you a chance to socialize with like-minded people and a game that will challenge you every time you step out on the course.

As a beginner however you are probably looking for a way to help you improve your game quickly so that you can enjoy yourself even more.

There are many methods that can help you do this such as getting lessons from a professional and using golf training aids for beginners . The first place you should start is by having your swing checked by a professional.

Take the time and the money and get a few lessons in the first instance as these lessons can save you a lot of time in the long run It is always easier to learn something correctly right from the outset, than to try and unlearn bad habits that all (including the pro’s though seldom admitted) golfers tend to end up with.

These lessons will allow a professional to look at your grip, your stance, your take-away, your follow through, and putting stroke and make sure you have a good solid foundation to build your swing on.

Once you have had these lesson you will want to be able to maintain what you were taught and having a few training aids on hand is a great way to further train your body to have the best possible swing and putting stroke that you can have.

Muscle memory is a crucial technique in many sports particularly in golf, as it helps you “feel” when you have either executed a swing or putt correctly or incorrectly for that matter. This technique when coupled with visualisation can really help accelerate your learning process.

The beauty of using training aids for repetition and the development of muscle memory is of course that many of the available golf training aids can be used in a small area like a backyard, and although you can spend a lot of money on some of these aids most of them are reasonably priced.

So what types of aids can you find and what will they help you do? Here are a few that you may want to consider using:

For putting you can go very elaborate and get an indoor putting surface or you can get a simple device that you putt the ball into and it kicks it back to you. With a putting surface you will be able to learn to putt into the centre of the hole whereas with the putt returner you just aim at the returner.

However the most important thing about either of these golfing equipment pieces is that you are learning to feel your stroke. This is one of the most important aspects of putting, having a good repeatable stroke and as you become more confident using these aids you will see it translate to fewer putts on the course. Another golf training aids for beginners that can also be useful is the type where you use an iron that is “collapsible.” This aid works this way, the “iron” is usually a 7 iron and it has a break in it. What the break does is allows the iron to collapse if your take away and follow through are not done correctly.

This type of training tool is great for beginners because one of the biggest mistakes that a beginner makes is decelerating through the ball. This leads to all types of problems such as shanks and chunked shots out on the course.

If you decelerating while using this piece of golf equipment it will let you know by collapsing.

One aid that can be very helpful is a divot mat. To use this piece of golf equipment you lay the mat down where you are going to swing. Oftentimes there are “balls” drawn on the mat and you want to address the ball and then swing. The mat records what type of angle and trajectory that the club had at impact. This tool is especially helpful for those beginners that are hitting behind the ball.

This matt allows you to see exactly what you are doing so that you can correct it. Once you are hitting through the ball you will begin to see more yardage out of your clubs while you are out on the course.

So when you are new to the game of golf there are several things you can do to help lower your score quickly, especially if you can’t get to a course as often as you would like.

First, get a set of lessons from a professional that are geared specifically for beginners. This way you can start with good habits.

After that set of lessons you should go back twice a year just to make sure that you don’t have any bad habits forming. Then to help you maintain what you have learned and to maintain your “muscle memory” you should incorporate a few golf training aids for beginners.