Golfing Holidays and Prestwick Airport Car Hire

Back in the day 1860: A group of eight men (players) with four referees as they are now commonly known took to the sand dunes and surrounding beach area of Prestwick. They played one round of golf with various wooden sticks and well wrapped in tweeds trousers, jackets, hats and even the first style of golf shoes where introduced that year. They played on as a cold winters wind blow all around them. So the first open golf championship was born.

Can you believe it is the 150th anniversary this year of the Open Championship which is being held at St Andrews on the 15 – 18 July 2010? Everything associated with the Open from car hire to hotel accommodation even the day tickets are generally sold out fairly quickly. Do not let this put you off attending. You can soak up the atmosphere and watch a little piece of history on the big screens or you can wander around and try and catch a glimpse of your golfing hero.

If you have time to play a round of golf after watching the open you can head back to Prestwick and Ayrshire why not head down to Turnberry Golf Course. The hotel overlooks the Ayrshire coast and has a beautiful traditional house in the style of Edwardian opulent years. A truly magnificent building even if you are not a Hugh golfing fan you will fall in love with this stately home and the views.

The hotel was recently given a major revamp costing millions of pounds and has restored the building into a five star holiday retreat with indoor facilities including: spas and indoor heated pool for those who wish to relax. Outdoor activities which include: Clay shooting, rifle shooting, trout fishing, falconry, pitch and put, walking tours, horse riding, bike riding and a kids club. I am sure everyone will find they will like to try for the day.

The golf course is set next to the beach with hills and sand dunes. That is why this is part of the links course and makes Turnberry special to all golfers.

There are lots more courses along the Prestwick coastline. Girvan Golf Club is also a links course and although does not have the prestige as its neighbour Turnberry. It still challenges even the best of golfers with its scenery.

Kilmarnock, Barassie links golf course is said to be in the top one hundred courses. This golf club can be found further down the road from Prestwick and can be found in Troon. The club now has a 27 hole course and challenges all its overseas visitors from USA, Sweden and Europe.

With the number of cheap no frills air lines and inexpensive car hire from Prestwick Airport. I am sure the golfing fans will flock to the Ayrshire region in many years to come.

Are You Ready For an Indoor Putting Green?

Most avid golfers have, at some time, considered having a putting green of their own to practice on so they can work on their game when they are not out on the golf course. Since nearly half of a golfer’s strokes in a typical golf game are expended in putting it makes sense to try to improve this aspect of play as much as possible. An indoor putting green gives you a convenient and affordable way to work on your game when you are not out on the links. Plus, it gives one something to do on their lunch break besides chow down another burger!

The range of choices can seem overwhelming but it really breaks down to a few basic considerations. First, you need to think about where you are going to put it. Do you want it for the office or home or both? If for the home, which room: living, family, back deck, basement? Making this decision up front will dictate the size and configuration of the putting green.

The next question you should answer: will the putting green be a permanent fixture or do you want to be able to put it away occasionally to make room for other activities? If the former, consider having it professionally installed as this will give you someone to go back to if there are problems. Many manufacturers offer professional installation as an option. If the green is going to be put away then it obviously needs to be portable to some degree – either it can be rolled up, folded or simply stood up out of the way.

If you are seriously trying to up your game consider getting a unit with adjustable breaks to vary the level of play. Also, some putting greens include fringe turf which not only adds to the realistic appearance but also gives you an area to practice chipping. Some smaller units optionally offer a separate, smaller chipping mat for this purpose.

An alternative to buying a prefabricated practice green, if time is less of a consideration than money (or you just enjoy do-it-yourself projects), is to get a set of plans and materials and build your own custom putting green.

Under the heading of “portable” putting greens are simple, roll-out mats that you can take back and forth from home to office. You could even take it with you on vacation. This way your game doesn’t have to suffer while you are out having fun with the family!

Various types of synthetic turf are available. Although each manufacturer’s product is different they are all designed to approximate the look and feel of a real putting green. Some claim the same “bent grass” response as found on a real golf course. Of course, you should expect to pay a bit more for this type of product. The basic elements to consider when choosing a synthetic turf are: appearance, durability, maintenance and whether it has any inherent directionality; that is, does the ball roll the same in all directions? Also, consider stimp – if this number is available. Finally, note that some materials-such as nylon-will work both indoors and out. This is a nice feature if you want to be able to move your putting green outdoors during nicer weather.

Finally, consider warranties. Some companies warrant their products for five years, some longer. This typically applies to both the appearance and play. Ask if any special maintenance is required to maintain it in playing condition. Also, find out if it maintains the same level of play throughout the guarantee period or if slow deterioration changes the way that the ball rolls over time.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Indoor Putting Green?

If you are dreaming of becoming a professional golf player someday, there is no doubt that you should have your own Indoor Putting Green. This is very helpful for you to become a great golf player in the future. Nevertheless, you should have a lot of time for practice. You need to focus on the techniques and strategies which will help you with your game. Aside from having a passion for this sport, there are also health benefits of this kind of game. This is not just a hobby or a sport which you can play but also training grounds for you to become a healthy person. The facilities bring a lot of health benefits because of the incorporation of nature of this sport.

Indoor putting green is very helpful in the joints and knees of a person. Knee joint problems can be resolved in this sport. This is because the surface of the green is softer which will be easy for golf players to play. The artificial greens used in indoor putting can be used also as a playground for children. Since the green is softer, bouncing movements will not be difficult and players can move freely. This game requires players to stand for a long time and walk long in the game facility. But because indoor putting green is found in indoor facilities like home and office, you don’t have to walk and stand for a couple of hours. Repetitive arm swing increases the heart rate level of a person. This is helpful to those people who have undergone sensitive medical procedures which enables them to move limited. This is the good way to be active again after a long time of medical treatment.

Indoor putting green is not just for young and middle age people. This can also be played by senior citizens. They can have a lot of benefits if they play indoor putting green. Remaining physically active is very important to senior citizens to improve their health condition. Their muscles are likely to become stronger and make them feel as if they are young. It reduces the signs of aging because they will feel physically active in playing this kind of game. It is good for their entire health because it does not involve a lot of movement compared to other sports activities. This will enable them to move freely on their prescribe condition.

Since indoor putting green is done on indoor facilities, there are some limitations on this game. You will not be able to experience the real golf play but this will serve as a practice tool and stress reliever. This is another benefit of indoor putting green. It is not just physically helpful but also mentally and emotionally beneficial. People who play the game will have time to relax and release the stress on their body. This will help them to be healthier and enjoy life. There are times when people want something to do during free time. It is the best thing to do especially to those people who do not what to go out of their houses or offices. They can experience fun and exercise even when they are in their home or office.

Indoor Putting Green enables people to be physically active. This is very essential to the health of a person. Whether young or old, it is good to invest in this game to improve the overall health of a person. This is very helpful because you are not just enjoying the sport. You are also having time for your health. Indoor putting green is a great tool to improve your medical condition. It will reduce the risk of having more serious medical illnesses in the future. It is never too late. Invest now on indoor putting green and enjoy your life being healthy and free.