Practice Your Swing Year Round With Golf Driving Mats

There are many people who cannot seem to get enough golf, who play any chance they get and anywhere they can. There are also those who would love to play golf, but still need practice to perfect their swing, and prefer to do this in the privacy of their own yard or neighborhood park, not a golf course where they may feel intimidated by other golfers.

For such people, and others who just like to play the sport but does not have much time to visit a golf course, a good option is to use golf driving mats. These mats are made to resemble a tee box used at golf courses. Golf driving mats are made with artificial turf and rubber and usually these golf driving mats come with rubber tees so as to protect the golf mat from damage caused by regular golf tees. All golf driving mats are made tough, so the golfer can hit without worrying too much about damaging his or her golf practice mat.

These driving mats are versatile in that they can be used anywhere, inside or outside and taken with the person to different locations. These mats do not require tools to set up and are light enough to be carried around by the golfer, making them very convenient to use. Most can simply be rolled out like a carpet. Some popular places to use these driving mats are at parks and in a person’s own backyard. Some indoor practice ranges even require them because of limited space or availability.

When using these golf practice mats, it is usually a good idea to use a golf net with them so that the person has a good target area to shoot for. The golf net also saves the person practicing their golf swing from having to look all over for balls, or having the golf ball go too far from where the person would like the ball to be.

Golf driving mats come in a variety of styles. There are mats that are used to give the golfer practice on the green with a smooth texture and there are also golf mats that are made to help the golfer practice his or her swing on the rough. All golf driving mats are made tough, so the golfer can hit without the worry of damaging his or her practice mat. Along with coming in a variety of styles, these mats also come in a wide variety of prices, making them available to anyone interested in having one.

There are many advantages of using a golf driving mat, besides being able to take them and use them virtually anywhere. These mats will save the golfers clubs from being damaged by practicing on other surfaces that are not meant for golfing. These mats also are good for protecting a golfer’s lawn as they practice chipping and driving.

Of course, these golf driving mats are not as good as actually being at a golf driving range, where a golfer is free to hit the golf ball as far as he or she can. Also, these golf mats may not provide the golfer with the same amount of enjoyment as actually playing a game of golf on a course, but they are a good substitute by being very convenient to the golfer who can use them anytime and anywhere.

In addition, as it was mentioned before, they are great for people who are taking golf lessons and want to practice at home, away from the pressure of the golf course, or just cannot get to a golf course that often. They are also good for people who just like to practice their golf swing any chance they get.

Some Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Professional Golf Players

Knowing golf swing secrets and also how to develop it is one of the first steps that you can take to improve your swing. Do not be bothered about what other people say or think regarding your swing, if it is not up to the snuff, just work hard at your own pace to improve it.

The game of the golf also requires strong mental fitness, aside from physical fitness, and this fact is often ignored by even expert players, as shown by golf swing secrets.

When swinging, you should use muscles in trunk and legs. Ask your golfing professional to monitor your biomechanics and posture while you are ‘swinging’. As per golf secrets revealed, the hands, at the end of back swing should always be above right shoulder, with the club pointing less or more in the aimed direction of ball flight. Golf swing secrets have also shown that side spin occurs usually when the club face is not adequately aligned vertically to plane of swing, and ensure not to hold the golf-club too tightly. Expert golf players purposely use side spin to eventually turn the ball around the obstacles, or move toward the safe sides of green and fairways.

According to golf swing secrets, if one has issues with his left-knee buckling, he can suppose holding a ‘soccer ball’ between his knees. As far as backswings go, it is a simple turning to right, incorporating the shifting of players overall body-weight to right side, turning of shoulders and pelvis, lifting of arms and then flexing of wrists and elbows. It is hard for a golf player to practice ‘hitting shots’ long than short-pitch shots, unless he pays to practice or plays the game at some indoor golfing training facility or driving range.

Golf swing secrets have uncovered that angle is the most important thing about golf swing, not the strength which is applied. Short chips and putts are often played devoid of much body movement, but nearly all other kinds of golf-shots are played, using the variants of full golf-swing. Workouts on consistent basis will certainly change your game forever. Look for some efficient golf techniques and exercises if you wish to add more to your power and strength. In order to improve the swing speed as well as distance, and keep away from injuries, you body should be flexible and strong. Most golfers do not know there are some methods that can affect their swing mechanics greatly. Changing your approach is the best way to improve the swing, and that is one of several golf swing secrets.

Moreover, it is also important that you shop golf equipment that retains high quality. In order to get your hands on quality golf accessories or clubs, you can go online and shop golf equipment at highly discounted rates. It is a good idea to seek professional advice before choose to shop golf equipment

As per golf swing secrets, it is important to make sure that you find quality golf-swing trainers to aid and improve the game.

Protect Your Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Right Golf Travel Bag

It’s off-season for many golfers in the northern states of the US. Time to take a break from those early morning tee times and take time to do some “in-door” golf, i.e. at computer-generated golf courses or with a temporary indoor putting green in the middle of the living room.

For those golfers determined to play all year round and are traveling south to warmer climes, a golf travel bag becomes a necessary purchase. Whether you are traveling by plane or train, your golf clubs need protection. (A few years ago, traveling to Hilton Head for golf, one of the women in our group had the head of her very expensive driver snapped off when a careless baggage handler tossed her golf travel bag onto the tarmac. The airline gave her some monetary compensation, but as the driver was not brand new, the amount was not equal to the cost of replacement. – That’s another story.) The point is that your clubs represent a large investment and they need to be protected when you travel.

So which bag is best? Hard case? Soft case? Your choice might depend on how much you travel with your golf clubs, how much extra space you need for shoes, balls, towels, etc. (I stuff all kinds of extra stuff in my bag, including my bed pillow! which helps give a little extra padding. And with the airlines charging you extra for that second bag anyway, why not stuff the golf travel bag with clothes as well?)

Here are a few types of travel bags you might consider using on your next golf trip.

Heavy Duty Soft Bag: This style is used by more touring professionals on the PGA, Champions, and LPGA tours – choose a bag with wheels that makes it easy to maneuver. Check to be sure the padding is extra thick to protect your clubs and choose a bag that has lots of extra pockets with solid zippers so you can carry all those “extra” items.

Hybrid Bag: This type of bag can be used both the golf course and while traveling. Look for one that offers all the features of a cart bag, and has a rigid “helmet” you can add when you take it on the road. Choose a bag with in-line wheels for an easier time crossing those long airport lobbies.

Hi-Impact Polyester Travel Bag: This type of bag has a cloth cover but should be reinforced with some interior lamination, usually using PVC. Soft sides should be well padded. Quilted material is best. And be sure to test the bag strap for easy carrying and the wheels for a smooth glide.

The bottom line in deciding which type of golf travel bag you purchase depends on the amount of traveling you plan on doing, how much protection you need, and the value of your clubs. Soft cases with lots of padding are lighter, and easier to handle, and they protect your clubs in most circumstances. Hard cases are usually heavier but promise better protection, though they can snap open unless you add strapping for security. Almost every travel case can fit 14 clubs plus your golf bag, but if you have an extra long driver, be sure the length of the travel bag can accommodate it. You don’t want to leave that special club at home!

Ask your golfing friends. Visit a variety of websites to see what they offer. But remember, you get what you pay for. Do you really want to put your thousand dollar clubs inside a $29 bag you bought at the local Big Lots?